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It's another bumper week for new additions to our collection at the Limoncello Gallery! They are all interesting pieces and we hope you like them. There are three new artworks on floor 4 of the LG Tower. They are "Where I am?", by Xia Cheng, "real style is never right or wrong...", by IrisSweet and "Halo win", by Selen Minotaur. We already have two other works by Xia Cheng in the collection but these are our first by Iris and Selen. 

Down in the courtyard in front of the LG Tower, you will find an enormous sculpture called "The Wood Man", by Nabrej Aabye.

Other new acquisitions this week open up Floor 6 of the LG Tower for the first time. There, you'll find "LOOK" from the Faces Collection by LikaCameo, "Revolution of Spheres", by Nabrej Aabye, "N. 124", by Ernst Maven, "When the sky is crying", by Sofi (Bachi Cheng), "Jolie Moly", by Leigh Quartz and "Ten Tall Tales Tersely told" by Talullah Winterwolf. Also a group of four paintings by Uleria Caramel called "Grid Goes On", "Fielding", "Spiral Moment" and "Diamondy".

Finally, we have added a striking group of three paintings by RL artist Michelle Villarreal (Aquarius Lowtide in SL). They are "Star King", "Galactic Voyage" and "Ancient Water World". 


There is an active "Doctor Who" community in Second Life; fans of the longest-running sci-fi show in world television. First broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation in 1963, its hero is the Doctor – a fugitive "time lord" in a stolen time machine called a TARDIS. It is supposed to be able to change its appearance so as to be inconspicuous wherever and whenever it lands but the "chameleon circuit" in the one in the show is broken. The low budget children's show it was meant to be couldn't afford lots of different Tardises, so it is stuck in the shape of a police telephone box from the days before they had radios. Why that shape? Because the BBC had a police box in the studio back then from a discontinued cop show!

Dimensional transcendence and the chameleon circuit

In Second Life competing companies make Tardises and their owners use them to navigate the grid. Their "chameleon circuits" work so they DO appear in many different forms. The Tardis is "dimensionally transcendent" – bigger on the inside than the outside. Part of the fun of the show is discovering endless new rooms inside! In SL this works by having the  "interior" in a sky box and rezzing an exterior at the destination when it lands. SL Time Lords emerge from the box, having TP'ed in from their "interior". Owners can set up public rezzers other Time Lords can use, so there's a network of destinations to visit – including several around our gallery. You may occasionally see a Tardis landed. If it is one of ours, it will be unlocked and you are welcome to visit (hold your cursor down on the interior image and accept the TP to "enter"). Be warned that other visiting Time Lords may not be so hospitable as us! If you would like a tour, or if you would like Tardises to be able to land at your gallery or other destination just IM Time Lords Dave or Fenella or use the email link in the sidebar.


You can reach any of the current special exhibitions from our Directory Boards around the galleries, or from the SLURLs in the sidebar to this site. We have four super shows, featuring Ronda Saunders, Eylinea Seabird, Cate Infinity and Kisma Reidling. If you haven't visited yet, you really should. Bring a friend and make a day of it!

Enjoy your SLives and until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!


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