Limoncello News – Edition 8
Special Supplement - Fenella's Bellisserian Bureaucratic Quest

Limoncello News – Edition 9


15 Storey LG TowerWe have known for some time we can't realise our goals without rehousing the collection to save prims. Dave is keeping a promise to his RL wife about his SL tier, so we can't buy more land! Unless a benefactor will buy land in Nanga and deed it to our group, prim-saving is the key to our future. Each prim we save from gallery infrastructure makes room for another artwork. We are in talks with a mesh expert who may save us prims by rebuilding the Airship Limoncello but that will take time and can’t be guaranteed. In the meantime we are running out of space and must act

We've added five floors to the LG Tower. It now has fourteen levels of gallery space plus one floor for events. While we treasure the Airship Limoncello, our home since 2007, we are not sentimental about her smaller sister ship – the Amaretto.

Its land impact is greater than the five new storeys of the tower. When a friend recently said that our crowded exhibits do the art no favours, her comment sealed its fate. Decommissioning our most cramped gallery space has aesthetic as well as economic benefits!

Take a last look at the Amaretto, because she is heading for the scrapyard (aka Dave's inventory) this week. She's already empty but we will keep her aloft for a few days to give Bellisseria Passport holders a last chance to collect her stamp – soon to become a rarity!

The works from our permanent collection can now be found on Floors 8 and 9. Sisi Biedermann has kindly moved the artworks from her private collection on loan to us to the 7th Floor of the LG Tower. We have updated the catalogue so just click one of the information boards to get the latest copy.


On Floor 6 of the LG Tower, you will find several new works. The first is by Uleria Caramel – an artist whose work featured heavily in last week's edition – and is called "Indian Summer". Next you will find "Seaside Mansion" by Carey Chenault – a deceptively simple, charming landscape.

Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 12.14.41
A glimpse of some new acquisitions

Then there is "BAROCK 08", by Caly Applewhyte. It's a really striking image from Caly's exhibition last year at DixMix Gallery. We also have two images by Alex Riverstone, called "Another Pretty Face" and "Buddha." Dave met Alex last week and discovered he was a tenant when Nanga (where our mainland annexe is) was a rental sim. We hope he will visit to see his works exhibited where his apartment used to be. Finally there is "Reflections on Old Metal" - by Thus Yootz – a piece Dave has owned for a while, but has had on display in his home. This adds to our growing collection of Thus's work. We think she's a great talent.

On the 7th Floor of the LG Tower, in addition to the works moved down from the Amaretto, you'll find "Windy Faraway 1", by Ambre Singh. In the grounds outside the LG Tower, you'll find "Silver Huntress", by Kannel Arai – a huge statue, which long stood in the park of Castle Nanga and now stands among its ruins.


Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 01.35.14Have you noticed the "Galleries of SL" kiosks on the wall at our main gallery in Bellisseria and on the top deck of the Airship "Limoncello" in Nanga? If you follow SL art you will probably have seen them all over the grid. Sasun Steinbeck created the system on 5th January 2006 and maintains the database they are based on "for the benefit of the wonderful galleries, artists and art lovers in Second Life." The boards and kiosks give out a HUD to take visitors from gallery to gallery. We regularly use it to find new galleries and tour all the old ones to see what's new. We always rate and re-rate the galleries we visit to help keep the system useful to the grid's art lovers. The list is also online and there's even a map to show you (when Linden Labs get the World Map working again) where all the galleries are.

It's a great system and a perfect example of the generosity that makes the SL art world so good. It's all given freely as a service to art. It does demonstrate the power of Sasun's commercial KioskNet system for SL businesses so we hope it at least generates some sales!

When you use it, please remember to rate the galleries you visit and leave a helpful or encouraging comment.


Screenshot 2021-03-05 at 10.23.42
Now showing at DixMix Gallery

Dave and I are petrolheads (gearheads in US English) and specifically Ferraristi. We rarely get involved with anything automotive in Second Life though. It's a good simulator for sailing but not for driving so here we content ourselves with naming our fleet of SL sail boats "Speranza" – the name of Dave's RL car!

I was therefore surprised and delighted by one of the current exhibitions at the DixMix Gallery – "Roll Hoop" by Key Monk. It features his superb automotive images displayed alongside models of sports and racing cars.  It made me long even more for an early end to lockdown so I can get out onto the RL roads again. I have really missed all the motorsport events I usually attend in RL that were cancelled during the pandemic.

"Roll Hoop" opened on February 20th and will run to March 27th.  It's great - go take a look. Thanks to Violet Boa of DixMix Gallery for providing the image above.

Roll Hoop at the DixMix Gallery


One of the first artists in our collection was Shadowtime Writer. Our founder, LastDitch Writer, met her on her first day in Second Life and they got into conversation for no better reason than their shared SL surname. Learning she was an artist (RL artist Rebecca Shadrich) he encouraged her to upload some of her works, slapped them on prims for her and exhibited them in the original gallery. In RL, Rebecca's work has featured in the Statesville Record & Landmark, Art On The Green, Signal Hill Gallery, and at numerous Native American events.

Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 11.50.21
Shadowtime Writer's work at the main gallery in Bellisseria

Based in the foothills of North Carolina, she uses bold colors, sharp contrast, and a deep spiritual connection in her landscapes and symbolic art work. You can see several of her paintings in our Main Gallery in Bellisseria and you can buy her work in real life here


You can reach any of the current special exhibitions from our Directory Boards around the galleries, or from the SLURLs in the sidebar to this site. We have four excellent shows, featuring Ronda Saunders, Eylinea Seabird, Cate Infinity and Kisma Reidling. 

Abstracts  by Kisma Reidling - 1
"Abstracts", by Kisma Reidling

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!


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