Limoncello News – Edition 10
BBB Gazette – Fenella's Bellisserian Quest; From Millers Pond to completion

BBB Gazette – Fenella's Bellisserian Quest: from Campwich to Millers Pond

Our editor, Fenella, is a new member of the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy. She is road testing a tour the BBB (in cooperation with the Lindens and Moles) is developing around the sights and landmarks of Bellisseria. The quest is to collect stamps from each location  for the Bellisserian Passport. 

The journey beginsMy journey began at one of my favourite spots  – Campwich Lodge – where I collected the first of the unique stamps. I am always puzzled why more events on the Linden Continent aren't held in this beautiful building - available as a public space for Bellisseria residents to use. 

Following the instructions provided to me, I headed to the nearby jetty and launched my sailboat at the rez zone. If you don't have a boat of your own, one is provided for the quest (along with other equipment) so don't worry. Sailing under the bridge at Porthole, I headed East along the river and out to sea before turning North towards Light of Aurelia.

Passing under the bridge between the lighthouse island and the mainland I reached Puffin Head and the entrance to the Panamole Canal. At only 750 metres, it's shorter than its 82 kilometre counterpart in RL; the Panama Canal. However it's only slightly narrower and while the RL canal costs a minimum of $800 for even the smallest boat to pass, the SL version is free of charge. Many people (well OK, some Moles) think this makes it far superior!

As soon as I entered the Donovan region, I disembarked and continued on foot. The directions in the draft notecard went a bit wrong at this point and I noted some corrections to send back to the office. Soon enough though, I found the nearby bridge over the Canal and collected my second stamp. 

Screenshot 2021-03-16 at 00.02.51
Millbank – why?

From here the instructions recommended a wearable vehicle, so I mounted my trusty steed Shadowfax atop the bridge and headed North to the crossroads. Following the instructions led me to the road into Kirbee and on to Millbank, where I picked up the third stamp. I am not quite sure what wonder of Bellisseria it celebrates though. Appropriately, the stamp is a big fat question mark!

I rode across Millbank's parkland. There's a railway under construction and various animals grazing including goats and (surprisingly) camels! I took the road North-East to Miller's Pond where, on a dock, I collected my fourth and final stamp for today.

There's a rez zone by the jetty for taking boats onto the water, but I dutifully followed the notecard guide's suggestion instead. I took one of the nearby rubber rings and paddled out to discover – shall we politely say – one of  the Moles' less successful builds.

It was time to make camp and rest before continuing the quest.

To be continued...


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