Limoncello News – Edition 9
Limoncello News – Edition 10

Special Supplement - Fenella's Bellisserian Bureaucratic Quest

Bel from the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy sent out the following notice to the BBB team last Monday. 

Fenella Allen, of Limoncello Gallery, who is also connected to both the BBB and Campbell Coast has joyfully become part of our team! Please welcome her just as joyfully. Fenella blogs at "Limoncello News" and is doing a run of our test route and will blog her adventures. Bjoyful will then link the blog to her bloggers and for her Campbell Coast people to share. I am so happy to have her!  Welcome Fenella! 

Thus began an unexpected new phase in my SL career; one in which I wander around with the tag "Bureaucrat" over my head! In truth, I am happily volunteering to help develop and promote the Bellisseria passport, from which I have personally had a lot of fun. I have written about it here before and there are terminals in each of our gallery locations to apply stamps to Bellisserians' passports when they visit. I think other art galleries would do well to apply for them too, as the "collector's mentality" is something a lot of their visitors share with their owners!

Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 18.13.49
Fen with her "bureaucrat" tag (click to enlarge picture)

In an exciting new development, the Lindens have signed up to the idea. Patch Linden talked about it in his interview at the RFL Home & Garden Expo 2021. The whole interview is here and you can find the mention of BBB at 28 minutes in. 

Public features around Bellisseria built by the Moles and owned by the Lindens will soon have passport terminals so you can collect stamps there too. My job for the BBB is to test out the route people follow to collect these special stamps and to write about my journey here at the Limoncello News. 

Look out for more in future editions and in the meantime, Limoncello Friends, as ever, stay arty! 


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