Limoncello News – Edition 12
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Limoncello News – Edition 12a

Yes we are superstitious. Our favourite poet, Dylan Thomas, dedicated his Collected Works "To God. Just in case" and we take the same approach. 

If you weren't at the opening party for Mirages on the Mother Road (the first ART UNBOUND pop up gallery, we hope, of many) you missed a great night. Fenella & Dave were there, despite it being from 2am to 6am at their time in RL, and it was well worth the lost sleep. Lady Zenaida's singing was whimsical and delightful and as you'll see from her website, she is one of the few people in SL who are prettier than their avatar! DJ Yoyo Burckhardt gave us an entertainingly eclectic set that kept everyone dancing. Manx Wharton span a hilarious tale of lost love and abandonment to music while strewing the desert with dead deer (don't ask). Maximillion Kleene was brilliant, which those who have seen him perform before say is normal.

Thanks to all the musicians and congratulations to Cate Infinity of Infinite Productions – our ART UNBOUND partner – who organised the event. She put together an amazing roster of talent in a wonderful setting. I doubted an opening party could stay lively for four hours but was wrong! If you want to see far artier pictures than ours below, check out I am Free... (libbberamente)'s blog here. Thanks to her for those. If you took photos of your own at the party (or at the gallery) please share them on the ART UNBOUND Flickr Group,  the Limoncello Friends Flickr Group and/or post them on the Editor's Facebook page.


Our thanks once again to I am Free... (libbberamente); this time for showing Dave a script she uses to save prims. If our artworks have MOD rights, we place information notecards in them with a script to hand them out. Many are not moddable – so we place "click for info" signs nearby. These take up prims that could be used for our only SL goal; MORE ART!! I am Free's script creates a menu of notecards for such signs to hand out. We hated its floating text, but found another that works just as well. If our visitors like them, we will gradually replace clusters of old signs with new ones that give info on several nearby artworks.

The best use of this idea so far is in our home gallery in Bellisseria. We are so limited for prims there that we have never had "click for info" signs. Visitors could only get information about the artworks from the catalogue distributed by our welcome board. Now, for the first time, every artwork there is either clickable OR has a notecard available from "click for info" kiosks. If your click on an artwork yields no information, just check out its object details and get information, by artist name, from the kiosk instead.

On the subject of our notecards, though artists open their souls through their work, they are sometimes surprisingly reticent about themselves. We give out what information we have but, particularly in the case of older artworks, whose creators are no longer around in SL, that's sometimes very little. If your art is in our collection and the accompanying notecard is low on information, please tell us more. If you don't want to talk about you, tell us instead about the artwork itself or your artistic process in general.

Artist or not, if you know something about a piece in our collection, please send us a note – with links to sources if you have them.

You will have noticed our rebranding this week as The Limoncello News and BBB Gazette. This reflects that we'll be publishing more Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy content here. If you're not interested in that, don't worry. The links we deliver to the gallery's mailing list and other art groups will take you to the latest gallery news. Links to BBB items will go out separately to its user group, BBBUG, and other Bellisseria info channels. Feel free to browse through both though, if you are interested.


Dave inspects his handiwork
click to enlarge

Having seen her RL photography at the RL Photo Festival 2021 at the Helvellyn Gallery, Dave visited Duna Grant's Poetic Lines Art Gallery and bought three of her artworks. He is pictured here with two of them on the Middle Deck of the Airship Limoncello.

The three works are Red Dusk (not pictured), Stop and Flowers V. You can learn more about her in our notecards or at her Facebook or Flickr pages.

On the same Middle Deck of the Airship Limoncello, you can also find N. 123, by Ernst Maven – another new artist to our collections.


Fenella with two of comet's works

Comet Morigi is "a Japanese Artist in residence inworld." She is an old friend of our founder Tom (LastDitch Writer). They met when she (artistically designed and beautiful by pre-mesh standards) complimented him on the creativity of his "ugly old man avi". Tom had rather missed the point of SL and tried to make his avatar look as much like his RL self as possible! Despite this inauspicious start, they became friends. comet had one of the free-of-charge starter galleries aboard the Airship Limoncello in our early days. Tom also loaned her a newly-bought – as yet undeveloped – rentals region to build a temporary art project. The two works in the above picture with Fenella – sumikin to LastDitch Writer and Painting Cube "Dali & Klee" 2007 for LastDitch – were gifts to thank him for that. Hence their names.

comet's approach was to make nothing here that could be made in RL. Her little gallery at one point featured a photograph of a region she had landscaped. That photograph (still in her picks as SIM-Surround Mountains シムを囲む山) could exist in RL. Yes, but if you touched it, you were teleported into the scene it depicted! 

The two works in the picture float in the air at the Main Gallery and are phantom. You might rig cloths on a frame to achieve a similar look in RL, but you could neither defy gravity in hanging it, nor pass through it like a ghost. These artworks are not just in, but very much of, SL! Inspired by comet's ethos, at one point Tom considered restricting his collection to SL-only artwork. In the end his catholic taste (critics would call it "lack of discrimination") led instead to the eclectic assortment you see today. Nonetheless, comet's ideas are always in the minds of the current curators, though we have not seen her online for a while and her most recent Flickr images are from 2014. If we see (as we rarely do) a work that meets her criteria, we are more inclined to acquire it.

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!


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