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Focus Magazine has an interview in this month's issue with our proprietor Lord Junibalya (Dave to his friends – including all readers of Limoncello News). If you are a subscriber to our mailing list you will have received a copy in-world. If not, you will be able to read the interview here, when the April edition is published online. IM Dave or Fenella if you haven't received an in-world copy and would like one. There are some splendid photographs of the gallery, even if you're not much interested in Dave's pontifications!

The gallery also features on this month's Focus Art on Tour HUD, which we have again distributed to our mailing list.


AS Limoncello II in developmentOur gallery was founded in 2007 on the beautiful but primmy old Airship Limoncello high above the mainland region of Nanga on the Satori Continent. She's still aloft in the same region, but now serves (along with our 15-storey tower on the ground) as part of the mainland annexe to our new home gallery in Sirinial on Bellisseria.

Work continues on our project to restore and upgrade our historic home. Leon Nobilis, our builder, placed a prototype in-world. Fenella took this photograph of it while it was briefly moored beneath the Limoncello. As you can see, it is beginning to take shape! Given the size (124 metres long) Leon is struggling to keep the Land Impact (LI) down. We are confident he will work it out.

We'll keep you informed as to progress as the project moves forward. For now, we can tell you the new lightweight stair-cases are a big improvement. The old curly ramps were always very hostile to noobs! To be honest, even after 5000 days in SL (most of them involving visits to the airship) Dave and Fenella often fell off them!


Another mermaid you say? Yes! On the 8th Floor of the LG Tower in Nanga you will find Sirene by Nina Helix, sold commercially under her Foxwood brand. Fenella (or Finella when in mermaid-mode) insists it's much more than decor. Do you agree? On the Middle Deck of the Airship Limoncello, you'll find "white noise 01", by Rose Hanry from her current exhibition at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery and two new works by Michiel Bechir from his exhibition currently in progress at UASL Michiel's works are called Goethe Bridge and Still Life II. You will also find there three unique paintings by Katherine Heartsong called “Art 007, 033 and 005”.


The most impressive work we saw this week – and some of the most impressive we've seen for quite some time – was at the Cape Able Art Gallery. The exhibition is of the work of Tucker Stilley – a distinguished artist who contracted Motor Neurone Disease and is now paralysed. Using software driven by his eyes, he has continued his work as an artist;

Aided by a revolving krewe of artstars, technicians and family members Tucker lives ‘in’ the Net – drawing inspiration, raw source materials for his work and reaching out to a broad and deep community of friends and research and development partners following his work – work that brings together a wide cross-section of maximalist post-post modernism, ranging from whimsical media collage to hard generative abstract with stops along the way for conceptual process-art – and the simply beautiful mistakes.

Fenella visited and talked with his sister, who explained his situation and his methodology. We've rarely encountered anything more inspiring. Tucker has visited Second Life but finds the interface difficult to control with his eye-driven system so has only really explored it by auto-following his sister's avatar. 

The art is wonderful and the show is well worth a visit. Please take a look. All the details and the SLURL are here on the Art Korner site

Special stamps
click to enlarge

Don't forget that tomorrow is the second anniversary of our gallery's home continent, Bellisseria. Don't miss out on the party at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds and don't forget to collect the special stamp for your Bellisseria passport. While you have your passport HUD on, why not pick up the other limited edition stamp currently available from Mirages on the Mother Road. Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!


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If you don't have a Bellisseria passport there's an application dispenser next to the the stamp dispenser at Bellisseria Fairgrounds and if you apply from there we'll (the BBB) make sure you get this special stamp added.


Thanks for posting that update, Boo.

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