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Edition 21: Poetry comes to the Limoncello Gallery

Lea from Finland-015From June 7 - 17, a new art form comes to the Limoncello Art Gallery; poetry. In an event supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Finnish poet Lea Kalenius – in SL, LeafromFinland – will stage an exhibition at the Limoncello Arts Theatre on the 20th Floor of the LG Tower, where she will also give live readings in SL Voice.

The exhibition is called His White Room and consists of 15 short visual poems displayed on panels around the theatre.  Each panel gives a notecard containing a longer poem in dialogue with the visual poem. The collection is about the poet's brother and mixes autobiographical elements with fiction. 

Lea from Finland-011Lea is a poet and script writer from Helsinki. Finnish is, she says "my true language of poetry", but the poems in His White Room are all in English. She obtained a grant from Finland’s Arts Promotion Centre to organise a virtual poetic exhibition in Second Life® and the Limoncello Art Gallery is very happy to host both the exhibition and her readings as the first event in our new theatre. 

The live readings will be at 7pm SLT on Friday 11th June and at 9am SLT on Sunday 13th June at the Limoncello Arts Theatre. You can visit the exhibition at any time from June 7th to 17th but if you're proposing to combine your visit with one of the readings, we suggest you come at least half an hour in advance to check out the exhibits and pick up the poems.

We've attended a number of poetry readings in SL Voice and the technology usually works quite well. If there are glitches we'll deal with them in the true spirit of SL! We hope to see you there for this exciting new venture for our gallery.


RL is back in England (the graphics are good but you still can't right click and mute annoying people). So we haven't had the time to spend on what have become over fifteen months of pandemic lockdowns our usual pursuits in SL. Dave did quickly tour the current new exhibitions but very little caught his eye. So the only new artwork added to the permanent collections this week is Overcoming by Love & Strength, by Zia Branner. It hangs on the 11th Floor of the LG Tower. 

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!


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