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Edition 25: Art Unbound, Artist in Focus — Thus Yootz


LIDO POSTEROur partner Infinite Productions has secured a location for the next ART UNBOUND pop-up gallery. It’s a windswept beach location in the Tranquility Dreams region. We’re now putting together a roster of artists to supply new content to exhibit alongside works on loan from the Limoncello Gallery’s permanent collections. 

The show will be called LIDO and will run from 17th July to 7th August. The opening party will be on 17th July at 7pm SLT. Save the date! 

We are happy to have some beautiful works by Thus Yootz in our collection. They can be found on the 9th Floor and the 11th Floor of the LG Tower. Thus is from Athens in Greece and has an MA in Art after a total study of ten years of drawing, painting, etching, sculpture and photography. She has taken part in many group art exhibitions in Greece. Her SL photography can be seen here and here.

She's also a wedding planner in SL, and a region designer, landscaper and terraformer. Finally she has a business selling her own trees and plants! Fenella caught up with this busy SL polymath to interview her about her art in Second Life®. 

Q. What first brought you into SL and how long was it before you began to create art here?
A. A friend I was looking after was joining SL and introduced me.  I knew nothing about it. Six months later, when a friend taught me the very basics of SL building, back in 2009, I made my first attempt at a painted sculpture that I still cherish.

Q. What’s the balance between RL and SL tools in the making of your work?
A. The SL capture must inspire me — the magic of other creators' dreams — captured by my perspective and then, each capture guides me, often in combination with RL artworks.

Q. Who are your artistic influences, in RL and in SL?
A. I adore a zillion artists in RL from ancient Greece, tribal art, to the Renaissance and to date.  They have all influenced me a lot. I have spent long hours since I was a kid admiring and contemplating their amazing artistic creations. My studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts also shaped my way of looking and how seriously I take art,

Q. In your view, what’s the best thing about art in Second Life and what’s the worst?
A. Lack of originality, not only in art but in every aspect, is the worst. Once a recipe works, everyone repeats it.  Even in creating sims, which I also consider an art.  Sure, we take from others, but we must create our own individual  vision, express our personality.  It bores me. It is hard to find original and creative places to make pictures, even !  Same with imagery. The best is that art connects us, it expresses us, it gives us the opportunity to be creative, which is a huge gift!

Q. Finally, what inspires your art?
A. The beauty I see.


Some of our new acquisitions
click to enlarge

This week we acquired three new paintings by Fenella's friend and colleague at the BBB, Ghost (theghostofghost). All now hang on the 5th Floor of the LG Tower and are called Self Portrait - Biography, Art : The Beginning and Art: New York.

Dave discovered a new artist (to us) called Amanda Tomasoa (AmandaT Tamatzui in Second Life®). He bought two of her works called Woman with red scarf and Freedom From Within. Both now hang on the Lower Deck of the Airship Limoncello.

As does a new work by one of our old favourites, Yoko Ayukawa, called Mermaid of the Sun. We can never resist a good mermaid and this one lured us right onto the art budget rocks.

The Dance by Alurcha Niekerk_001
click to enlarge

We bought a beautiful portrait called Girl With Flowers In Her Head 1, by Angel Heartsong. That is also to be found on the Lower Deck of the Airship. As is The Dance, by Al (alurcha.niekerk) and Blue Sandals, by Phrynne.

It has been the biggest – and most expensive – week for new acquisitions in a while. We hope you enjoy the new items in our collection as much as we do. Let us know what you think in the comments or by IM to Fenella (Fenella.Allen) or Dave (Lord.Junibalya) in-world.

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 24: SL18B in progress

Fenella has been working on the BBB stand at SL18B this week so has not had much time for work on our own gallery or visiting other gallery's exhibitions.  This edition is a bit light in consequence.

image from
Chuck's first sculpture in a while

There are some good art installations at SL18B and you might like to read Frank Atisso's review of one of Chuck Clip's two SL18B stands, for example. Dave visited it and congratulated Chuck (of Janus Gallery fame) directly for his work in depicting the history of SL art in selected sculptures and images. On his other stand, Chuck has gone back to his own roots as a prim sculptor, building a huge installation – his first new sculpture for quite some time.

SL18B is a huge event. The shopping alone could take days to explore, but the exhibits from SL's own residents and communities are the best part for us. As tenants at Campbell Coast, where the offices of Limoncello News are based, we really enjoyed visiting the amazing stand that Kitty has built. She has essentially recreated all the Campbell Coast regions (including the Artists Village in a sky box) in a miniature model! Dave frowned a little that she depicted his Ferrari with a miniature VW Beetle, but as we pointed out out to him, she did at least paint it the right colour! Well worth a visit.

image from
Fenella at the BBB exhibit at SL18B

If the whole thing becomes too overwhelming – and it is a bit much at times – we recommend you stop by the Bellisseria Bureau of Bureaucracy stand. You go along a dirt path from the entrance, through a hollow tree tunnel into the "hidden world" (the theme of this year's SLB) of a carefully tended Manor House style garden. It's a peaceful oasis in the bustle of SL's biggest annual event and there are outdoor tables, chairs and beverages! Those guys really don't know how to be bureaucrats! They are far too stylish, welcoming and efficient!


We bought a painting called Island Girl from an artist new to us; Mia Kidd whom Fenella met through her friend Barbie – Mia's sister. Her "secret" gallery is at their family's island where their father runs a music club. The painting can now be found on the 8th Floor of the LG Tower. 

Edition 23: His White Room continues. Fiona Fei in focus.

image from

We were delighted with the success of our first live poetry readings by LeafromFinland last weekend. For the reading timed for American audiences, Fenella stayed up until 7pm SLT on Friday (3am London time on Saturday) to host the event, introduce Lea and help the audience with any technical problems. In fact, all went smoothly. The timing was even worse for Lea herself in Helsinki! The second reading was timed to suit European audiences so was in a more civilised 0900 SLT slot on Sunday.

SL Voice worked perfectly both times. Lea – who, as a relative SL newbie, had been quite nervous – seemed to enjoy the experience almost as much as her audience.

It was our first event at the Limoncello Arts Theatre, which we think worked well for the purpose. We hope to feature more SL Voice events in future and are open to suggestions for other presentations, lectures or performance art events that could be staged. 

Lea's exhibition – His White Room – continues until 17th June. There are no more live readings but the poems are available by clicking on the display panels around the theatre. When you've read them, you'll feel you know her brother well and will be relieved to learn (as Fenella found during Q&A) that though the poems are in the past tense, he is alive and well. We imagine he's also fairly bemused at now being known in a virtual world he's never visited!


RFL Spirit 2021 by FionaFei_001If, like us, you love the work of Fiona Fei, Relay For Life 2021 had a treat in store for you; a whole region designed by her along the relay route. It will be gone by the time you read this, so if you missed it we can only give you a very sketchy idea with this aerial photograph. It was colourful, surreal and – while unlike her other works in many ways – recognisably hers. 

We have three of Fiona's works in our collections. Window Light, in the main gallery, is a photograph she made inside one of her art installations. On the Upper Deck of the Airship Limoncello, we have Painting Scroll - Cranes and Chinese 3D Painting - Flowers 02. 

The Dragonash Collection on the 1st Floor of the LG Tower features (on loan from its owner, Owl Dragonash) FionaFei Frames Collection (Mother's Day Gift). 

image from's website is well worth a visit, as is her Flickr photo stream, where you will currently find much better pictures of her RfL build than ours! There's also an excellent video interview at Art Made in SL here.

In many ways, Fiona's art is in an ancient tradition. However she uses Second Life brilliantly to make it come alive so that, as at her Shui Mo gallery (one of our favourite places in SL) you can walk into and become part of the scene.

We promise you won't regret any time you spend getting to know her work. 

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 22: Infinite Art, Xia Chieng, Anja, Kisma, Virtual Community Radio and new acquisitions

Infinite Art GalleryWe are happy to announce that one of "our" artists, our friend and our partner in the ART UNBOUND project – Cate Infinity – has opened her very own gallery in the Soho Contemporary Arts Center in Virtual Soho.

It's called the Infinite Art Gallery and features Cate's own work and that of Esta Republic, Poppy Morris and Manx Wharton. We congratulate Cate, Esta, Poppy and Manx and wish them every success.

We hope you'll visit to take a look and also check out the excellent website.

In other exciting news, one of our favourite artists (we have several of her works in our collection) has offered to put on a special exhibition.  We just love Xia Chieng's extraordinary portraits. The faces looking out at you are beautiful, enigmatic and gaze-arresting. You're drawn into their imagined thoughts until you're in a kind of conversation with them – or perhaps with the artist herself.

Xia thanked Dave for buying our latest piece from her gallery and, saying how much he loves her work, he joked he has to avoid visiting too often for fear it would dominate our collections. The idea for this exhibition was her response. It is planned to run from 1st October to 30th November, 2021.

Our Autumn programme is beginning to emerge. We are also discussing new shows with two other artists featured in our collections, so expect more announcements soon. If this seems a long way in the future, that's because we are taking a Summer break from new special exhibitions. We will resume in September with an exhibition of all-new works the artist has been working on for months. More details to follow! In the meantime, the Molly Bloom retrospective continues at the Main Gallery in Sirinial and Eylinea Seabird's amazing installation is still to be enjoyed in Nanga (SLURLs in the sidebar). 

Our exhibition Abstracts by Kisma Reidling ended on May 31st. We are grateful to Kisma, who is an artist much in demand, for exhibiting with us. Her work is always thought-provoking, so watch out for her other exhibitions. Currently, she has a show called Solera at the Hidden Door Gallery, for example. It's well worth a visit!

Virtual Community Radio produces a bi-weekly short feature called Where've You Been?  that highlights fun places to visit on the SL grid. The episode that begins airing today – June 9th – features our beloved historic home, the Airship Limoncello. It will play just after noon and again at 4pm SLT and again in the same two slots on June 12th, 16th, and 19th – a total of 8 broadcasts. After that it will move to the station's MixCloud page for Play on Demand.

At the time of writing, we haven't heard it ourselves but we're always happy when someone enjoys our gallery. We look forward to hearing what hosts Elrik Merlin (of Designing Worlds) and Caledonia Skytower (of the Seanchai Library) have to say about their visit.

Anja's Surrealism_001 image from attended last Saturday's excellent, well-attended opening party for our good friend Anja's (Neobookie's) exhibition at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery. The show is called Anja's Surrealism and does exactly what it says on the tin – with creativity, skill and wit.

Anja is a relative newcomer to SL art. She worked for a while under the guidance of her mentor, Traci Ultsch. There's no question she has found her own distinctive artistic "voice" and makes great work. Inara Pey reviews the show here

Inside Anja's mind is a fascinating, imaginative place and she's adept at sharing it through her art. She has been working on this show for a long time. Fenella has had secret previews of the work in progress and has been bursting with pride at her friend's achievements and struggling not to blurt out the secret. She is delighted finally to be able to say; "I love Anja and I love her art. It's a great show. Go! Go now!!"

La Maison d'Aneli, is always a good place to visit but this month we'd say it's even more so than usual. Fenella stumbled in on vroum Short's exhibit there while it was still under construction and it was already impressive. We can't wait to see the finished version. It doesn't open officially until 23rd June, but should be available for previews by 18th June.

In the meantime, there are several other artists exhibited. Aneli has run her gallery for 12 years. We Limoncellisti have been regular visitors since the beginning. She makes her spaces for SL's artists "only for passion – just for the pleasure of eyes" and for her own enjoyment of "the torture of little prims" to make her various builds. She told Fenella

I like all the artists, they do incredible work and they show a part of themselves

Unlike our gallery, which is a permanent collection with some loan exhibits and occasional special exhibitions, La Maison d'Aneli stages a constant series of ever-changing multiple art shows. That's much more work than we would ever like to handle! Aneli, who does it all herself, has our respect and admiration for the effort she puts in. Her work in curating so many exhibitions over the years means that she now knows many (if not most) of the serious artists active in SL and (though too modest ever to say so) is something of an SLebrity herself. We recommend you go take a look.


Fire and Ice_002
Fenella admires "10" by Paola Mills /click to enlarge

This week we acquired 10 by paola Mills, Box by Esta Republic and Bumble Deliveroo, the signature piece from Anja's (neobookie's) current exhibition (see above). All three now hang on the 5th Floor of the LG Tower. 

We also acquired Fire and Ice, by Viktor Savior, which is exhibited on the 11th Floor of the LG Tower and Athalia, by Xia Chieng, which is hung on the 12th Floor of the LG Tower. 

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 21: Poetry comes to the Limoncello Gallery

Lea from Finland-015From June 7 - 17, a new art form comes to the Limoncello Art Gallery; poetry. In an event supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Finnish poet Lea Kalenius – in SL, LeafromFinland – will stage an exhibition at the Limoncello Arts Theatre on the 20th Floor of the LG Tower, where she will also give live readings in SL Voice.

The exhibition is called His White Room and consists of 15 short visual poems displayed on panels around the theatre.  Each panel gives a notecard containing a longer poem in dialogue with the visual poem. The collection is about the poet's brother and mixes autobiographical elements with fiction. 

Lea from Finland-011Lea is a poet and script writer from Helsinki. Finnish is, she says "my true language of poetry", but the poems in His White Room are all in English. She obtained a grant from Finland’s Arts Promotion Centre to organise a virtual poetic exhibition in Second Life® and the Limoncello Art Gallery is very happy to host both the exhibition and her readings as the first event in our new theatre. 

The live readings will be at 7pm SLT on Friday 11th June and at 9am SLT on Sunday 13th June at the Limoncello Arts Theatre. You can visit the exhibition at any time from June 7th to 17th but if you're proposing to combine your visit with one of the readings, we suggest you come at least half an hour in advance to check out the exhibits and pick up the poems.

We've attended a number of poetry readings in SL Voice and the technology usually works quite well. If there are glitches we'll deal with them in the true spirit of SL! We hope to see you there for this exciting new venture for our gallery.


RL is back in England (the graphics are good but you still can't right click and mute annoying people). So we haven't had the time to spend on what have become over fifteen months of pandemic lockdowns our usual pursuits in SL. Dave did quickly tour the current new exhibitions but very little caught his eye. So the only new artwork added to the permanent collections this week is Overcoming by Love & Strength, by Zia Branner. It hangs on the 11th Floor of the LG Tower. 

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!