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Our artist hates biographies and "has nothing to say" about her art, so there's naught we can do to pique your interest except show you a picture from the setup work in progress. All else you must learn from the pictures themselves – in September.

image from www.flickr.com
Dave, in work clothes, setting up the show


image from www.flickr.com
Hippy Fenella, fresh from a Sixties Fair, at "L'Art d'Elo"

It is vacation time and galleries are usually quiet. Still, there are good exhibitions in progress. This week Fenella visited Covenstead Art Gallery to attend the opening of a new exhibition by Xia Chieng. We think we detect a change of mood in Xia's work. It seems less dark in its emotional tone. Whether that impression is correct or not, we loved the older work and we love this too. Don't hesitate. Use the link above and just go!

Secondly, Fenella visited the Art Korner special exhibition space (built by Frank Atisso, especially for this show) to see Immersion by Beth Bridget. This is only Beth's second exhibition in SL. In the notes to the exhibition, she says;

Through my work, I most often try to convey a mood. Whether that mood is peace, hope, tranquility or turbulence, they are all a part of the feelings I have experienced in my life. Through this exhibition of my monochromatic works, I have tried to create an immersive experience for visitors with the use of light and contrast together with the bird in flight. Eventually, I hope this contrast between dreams and reality is able to generate a subliminal message for viewers.

We worry about messages in art. In this post-religious age, they are often the pompous sermons of the New Righteous. Nor are we fans of monochrome photography, which can be great but is more often pretentious (or just an attempt to rescue failed work in colour). We cordially detest the SL photo-cliche that is the lighthouse. So it says something about the quality of Beth's work that – despite the presence of all three – Fenella so enjoyed this show!

Finally, we can always rely on La Maison d'Aneli to stage not one but several great shows. On this week's visit, Fenella was particularly struck by two of them. She enjoyed Giovanna Cerise's installation, Doll's House. It is interactive and will evolve as more visitors fulfil the artist's request to leave the word that came to mind as they experienced it. More than one visit may be required!

Fenella also loved the work of Elo Constantine (elodiecasa.dragovar) aka Elodie, in her exhibition L'Art d'Elo. She's a new artist to us. Her work is intelligent and varied both in style and subject matter. Several exhibitions could have been made from the work assembled at La Maison d'Aneli. We would not necessarily have realised they were by the same artist. Normally that would suggest the artist has not yet found a "voice" – a signature style – but here we are not so sure. This may just be a talent that can't easily be channeled. Just go and see what you think.


Aruba DeCuir has some new work on offer at her excellent gallery. Fenella bought two of the new pieces, named Cathay and Pliers and square. They are what Aruba calls digital etchings and are now to be found on the Lower Deck of the Airship Limoncello.

Also on the the Lower Deck are to be found three new paintings by Xia Chieng; making a total of seven of her works in our collections. They are The Sisters, Oasis and Ginger.

We have acquired three works by Elodie: "guerrier de l omo 2", "mere et l'enfant" and "elephant". They hang alongside Xia's work on the Lower Deck of the AS Limoncello. 

Finally in another big, budget-busting, bumper week for boosting our collection, Fenella bought passeggiata sulla luna (Walk on the Moon), by Beth Bridget (BethBridget Resident). It now hangs on the 3rd Floor of the LG Tower at our mainland annexe.

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!


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