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We hope you all enjoyed the second pop-up gallery in the ART UNBOUND programme co-produced with Infinite Productions. Our partner Cate Infinity did a brilliant job of curating the gallery and organised one of the most fun opening parties we've ever attended! Thanks, Cate. It's always a delight to work with you!

The gallery closed on the 7th and the works we loaned to it are now back home at our gallery. 


We shouldn't have to say we think this artist is good. We have no axe to grind. Our permanent exhibit is merely an out-of-control personal collection. We bought each piece because we liked it at the time. Our special exhibits are also just works by artists we like. Nothing is for sale. We hope others enjoy it but it's no skin off our pixellated noses if they don't.

That's why – having bought one piece for our collection last year – Dave encouraged this artist to put together a show. He agreed a theme and provided one subject – his beloved Ferrari California. Apart from that, she could shoot what she wanted. We think it's turned out well. Fenella would like to promote it – that's what she does. But with an artist this reticent – no bios, no parties and "nothing to say about the art" – that's not easy. So all she can do is give you a glimpse of what's coming and hope it makes you curious enough to visit.

image from www.flickr.com
The artist has posted some photos on her blog of the exhibition being set up. The show opens September 1st and will run for three months. Each panel features more than one shot. Every exhibit is a slideshow. What's it all about? No notes. No clues. It "means" whatever you feel when you see it. 

Good luck. You are on your own.


Poster Hilaire Beaumont - TOUGH MAN
Fenella visited the new exhibition at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery and was surprised. She's been analysing her surprise ever since. That's a good thing, of course. Art that doesn't make you think is decor.

Most artists, curators and patrons in SL's art world are (or purport to be) female. Female psyches vary widely and that's reflected in their art. Dark images are more common than cutesy ones. Pictures of tough men (other perhaps than as threats) are, however, not usually on offer. Yet here is Hilaire Beaumont's exhibition Tough Man.

Curator Dido Haas says in the exhibition notes;

I have loved Hilaire's images ever since I saw them for the first time, which is a long time ago. Until now only existing Flickr works of Hilaire were shown at a few galleries. However, for Nitroglobus, Hilaire created new works, never shown before. The theme is obvious and doesn't need much explanation. Look around and enjoy tough man Hilaire ;-)

image from www.flickr.comAnd why not? Of all the men who make great subjects for art, some are tougher than others. These portraits show an aspect of masculinity that exists – even if the conventional wisdom writes it off as our grandfathers' notion of Manhood. Is it really true that "it doesn't need much explanation" though? The thoughts it provokes should not be so carelessly dismissed. 

The images on show are well-composed, strongly executed and grab the viewer's attention. They focus eyes and minds on Hemingwayesque subjects. So feminised is post-modern Western Culture that "male" and "bad" are often – let's be honest – confused. When did you last see the noun "masculinity" without the adjective "toxic", for example? Men like those in Hilaire's images only feature in plays, movies, art or even advertising as threats – as "bad guys". And even though they're often just like our beloved dads or brothers, we don't seem to question that much.

So maybe a surprised reaction is necessary and overdue? Don't misunderstand us. We're not saying the exhibition was meant (or that we see it) as a lecture, sermon or battle cry. Just that, perhaps, the very notion of manhood needs a fresh look?

We leave it to you to judge if this exhibition is that look, or not.


image from www.flickr.com
Despite feeling slightly uncomfortable on first visiting Hilaire Beaumont's exhibition Tough Man at the Nitroglobus, Fenella (as her review above shows) came around. She bought this extraordinary image for our permanent collection. As a vision of manhood, hmm. As an SL photograph, wow. You can find it on the third floor of the LG Tower. Go see it. Tell us what you think. 

Until next week, dear Limoncello Friends, stay arty!


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Dido Haas has a wonderful talent for choosing invocative art I enjoy feeling. Like the knight's eyes above fill me with compassion for him... after the battle is when the real struggle begins.

Thank you, Fenella and Limoncello News for all you do.


Thank you, BJoyful. You are always too kind. I am just having fun here! SL is made by its residents so I feel everyone should try to contribute something. I enjoy very much what artists and other creatives bring, but even we "muggles" can try to do something. I choose to host some art and write about it.

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