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We at the Limoncello News are happy to provide facilities to host the publications of our fellow-Bellisserians at the BBB Gazette and, more recently, the BBB offshoot Bellisserian Parade of Homes. The latest post on the Parade of Homes site features a fun video made by Pru and Sceneris of Pring Productions (who made most of the videos about Bellisseria you have enjoyed in the past two years, including the BBB Movie). 

This video features Bellisserians dancing outside their Hallelujah Homes and Dave, the owner of our gallery, is one of them. The Hallelujah Home in question is Dave's houseboat in Sirinial (above which, in a sky box, is our Main Gallery). We thought you might enjoy it. 


Milena Carbone at the LG Tower_001
Dave in front of Milena's artworks

Milena Carbone is an intensely political French artist who has taken with enthusiasm to Second Life®. She has her own gallery and gives art works away to those who join (as Dave did) her gallery group. We collect art for our own pleasure and education but also take pride in supporting the work of artists so Dave made a donation to the gallery in return for the three art works he chose, which are The Bather's Daydream, Krisis and Ballerina with Flowers.

All are to be found on the Third Floor of the LG Tower at our Mainland annexe in Nanga. The works are not modifiable, so clicking on them won't yield information note cards. However clicking on the wall will offer a menu of artist names and selecting Milena's will give you all the information for which you could reasonably wish.

Our next new acquisition this week is by an artist previously unknown to us. Dave discovered her from Frank Atisso's weekly Art Korner Exhibits HUD, which took him this week to the Art Music Surf Festival at Splash n Surf Beach, where her work was displayed.

Her name is Maya (unemaya) and Dave bought an artwork called Harmony together with a matching dress as a gift for Fenella. Maya has a fashion store called Boho Soul, which can be found in-world and on marketplace.

A sign at her exhibit says;

Maya started painting as a dare when a friend challenged her to funnel the deep emotional grief after the loss of a child. Being drawn into SL by her RL sister, Maya found a new passion with designing clothes. Finally Maya's newest SL friend inspired her to create wearable art. 

Harmony by Maya_001 2
Fenella with the art | click to enlarge

Fenella is seen here with her new dress - an example of that wearable art - in front of the painting, which is to be found on the Lower Deck of the Airship Limoncello at our mainland annexe. 

Finally, and also on the Lower Deck of the Airship Limoncello is a lovely piece by Faith Maxwell called In Mask. More of Faith's work can be found on her Flickr stream

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!


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