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A girl's best friends
A new special exhibition opens today at the Limoncello Gallery. It does so without fanfare, opening party or other promotional shenanigans because the artist, Libbberamente, prefers it that way. She has "nothing to say" about the art. She prefers to let it speak for itself. Fortunately we think it does - and eloquently too.

The images on show are in a series of slideshows so please take your time to see them all. Following a discussion between Dave and the artist, they were commissioned especially for this exhibition and have appeared nowhere else in RL or SL until today.

They are to be found on the 16th floor of the LG Tower. We hope you enjoy them. 


Second Life® is poorly named. It's not an alternate reality. It's an extension of our one and only life; another place we visit – to have fun, to socialise, to create or whatever. We happen to get there, not by car or plane, but via our computer.

All human life is here – good and bad. Happily we experience more of the former because we've found our people here. Artists can be as neurotic or difficult as the next person, but for the most part they're charming, interesting and (usually) playful. Every child is an artist, just as every child is an actor. Artists and actors just didn't stop.

That playfulness is, in the end, what unites us in SL. We're not all creators. We're not all good at RP. More of us shop for our SL clothes, furniture or gadgets than make them ourselves. But none of us are the kind of people who think they are too "grown up" or too "important" to play. 

So it's sad when we encounter residents who take themselves too seriously and get nasty if someone treads more lightly in SL. The Lindens are running a fairground here – not a parliament – so let's enjoy the rides, eat the virtual candy and have fun. We can do serious things too – and take pride in doing them well – but for the most part SL is pure recreation.

Firstly, please don't be one of those people. Secondly, if one of them tries to involve you in drama, log off. Hug a loved one. Stroke a pet. If you must stay in SL, visit a gallery (preferably ours) and lose yourself in the art. Remember how good life is and be happy you found this quirky, amusing, way to extend it into pixeldom.


The show we enjoyed most this week was BiancaJane at Sisi Biedermann's gallery. BiancaJane Juliesse is the SL name of RL artist Mary Sparrow, whose work can be seen on her website. This is not high art but it's joyful and we love it. We were alerted to it by SL blogger extraordinaire Inara Pay and we commend you to her review for more details. We bought two pieces from this show and we are enjoying them a lot. We hope you do too. 


New acquisitions_001
The 3rd floor of the LG Tower now features a collection of seven artworks by Milena Carbone. The latest addition is Explore beyond God. On the 12th Floor of the LG Tower we have three new works. He Sang her A Love Song, by AmandaT Tamatzui, Painting Marilyn and Joie De Vivre, by Biancajane Juliesse (Mary Sparrow in RL)

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!


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