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Some SL gallerists see others as rivals. Perhaps it's because we're not commercial that we don't see other galleries that way? Or perhaps it's because we are still more collectors than curators? We simply don't see the point of locking our collection away when theft, security and insurance costs are not an issue in Second Life®. We'd pay the same tier if they were all behind ban-lines (eugh!) so why be a dog in a manger? 

Galleries that house collections like ours are a joy to us. They're inspirations and sources of practical ideas. We shamelessly bought the greeter boards and subscriber kiosks we enjoyed using at other galleries. We're happy to notice the wonderful directory boards/inter-sim teleports we bought for the Limoncello showing up at other galleries. Many other gallery owners we've come to know over fifteen years in SL are now our friends, role models or even mentors. Those that sell art – whether owned by artists or dealers – are our favourite places in SL. They're where we love to shop! We spend most of our Second Lives in art galleries so, frankly, the more there are the better we like it.

Tom, Dave and Fenella were delighted all to be invited to the official opening party for the new gallery of AmandaT Tamatzui, which will take place on 18th September between 1400 and 1600 SLT. With Amanda's kind permission we have included an invitation to her party with this week's edition of the Limoncello News. Fenella will be there to represent us and hopes to see as many of you as possible. 

AmandaT Tamatzui Gallery_001

As well as celebrating the opening, the party will feature the SL debut of singer Ronny Acoustic – Amanda's RL husband. Ronny is an accomplished singer from Indonesia. We've heard him sing and – like his wife – he has real talent. Other music will be provided by DJ Eye 'Candy' Morpork. 

AmandaT is the SL avi of RL artist Amanda Tomasoa. She has been exhibited around the world but makes a point of making her work accessible by featuring it on jigsaws, clothing and home decor items too. Her work is joyful, colourful; a delight to the eyes and a balm to the soul. She says of it;

My art celebrates life. It carries my deep gratitude for the abundance that I have been blessed to receive. It speaks of perseverance, courage and strength – testimonies to the enduring will of the human spirit. It is a quiet reassurance that, by God’s grace, all will be well.

Other artists' demons speak through their work. Amanda's angels speak through hers. We are happy to have some of her art in the Limoncello collection and to count her as a personal friend. We hope you can go to the opening party. If you can't, do visit the new gallery anyway. We promise it will lift your spirits. 


For the first time in many months, there are no new additions to the gallery this week. Just to remind you, however, that there are now hundreds of pieces in our collections at our three locations; the Home Gallery (above Dave's houseboat in Bellisseria), the Airship Limoncello (our historic home in SL since 2007) and the LG Tower (twenty storeys high and filling up with art). 

You can obtain a complete, searchable catalogue of the collection from the greeter boards to be found at each location or at our offices in Campbell Coast, Carmel Art Community and the Elven Falls Art Collective

Not only do we exhibit our owner's private art collection, but works belonging to three other SL collectors: Sisi Biedermann, Owl Dragonash and JMB Balogh. We think we were the first to introduce the concept of such "loan collections" (common in RL) to Second Life® and love that people are able to enjoy at any time fantastic artworks that would otherwise have languished in their owners' inventories, or appeared only in occasional exhibitions.

Last but not least we have three superb special exhibitions in progress at the moment. Eylinea Seabird's enormous 3D installation, In My Mood, I am Free's A Girl's Best Friends at the LG Tower and (in its final two weeks) Amona Savira: a Retrospective in the Jishnu Room. 

There's a whole lot of art to see while you wait for our next acquisitions. 

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty! 


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