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Edition 41: ART UNBOUND ReConstruct | Exploring the Metaverse | Aruba DeCuir | New Acquisitions


8CB37E0E-7A35-4A74-BCC7-305D96146A84The opening party for ReConstruct was a great success. DJ Viv gave us two hours of period music to match the 1940s/1950s theme including some songs that reflected the pre-apocalyptic, dark humour of a tougher generation than our own. Cate Infinity of Infinite Productions, Dave of the Limoncello Art Gallery and their guests danced among the exhibition’s artworks in the bombed-out ruins of a building in Tempelhof on a remote, forgotten German island. 

If you were not there you missed a great party but the exhibition continues until November 7th. Enjoy the art on offer while scrambling around in the rubble. Just a small clue to make things easier for you — the stairs are outside and the ladder to the very top level is scripted. 


It has been a big week for parties. I am Free and DJ Denard Henry staged a musical event at the LG Tower on Tuesday at 1pm SLT among the exhibits at A Girl’s Best Friend; I am Free's current special exhibition and a great time was had by all who attended. The event was also live-streamed.

"Exploring The Metaverse" is a special series from the Sonic Seeker group; finding and sharing art, special installations or other interesting locations in SL and staging eclectic electronic music soundscapes curated by Denard Henry for each event.

The exhibition continues until the end of November, so do be sure to go along and check it out. 


We are regular visitors to Aruba DeCuir's art gallery. She now has 170 of her own artworks on display there, having added three new ones this week. 

Aruba kindly showed Dave around and posed for a picture in front of the three new works, which she says;

...have been bubbling for a while...

They are on display in her main gallery, but she also has two other small annexes in galleries near the main entrance, one of which currently features her exhibition Pink Noise. We have several of Aruba's distinctive works in our permanent collection and always enjoy visiting her gallery to see what she's been up to recently. 


Thanks to our former editor Fenella our space crisis has been averted. She decided to leave Second Life® but has kept her Premium Account in order to donate her tier to the gallery. So our programme of acquisitions can continue and our collection can keep growing. 

As we thought we had no space however, we bought no art this week. Watch this space for news. If you have suggestions for acquisitions, we are open to those.

Until next week, Limoncello friends — stay arty!


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