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January 2022

Edition 44: The Limoncello News is back!


We won't dwell on the personal issues that caused us to suspend publication. Let's just say 2021 was a very tough year for your editor in terms of his marriage and the health of his family.

The Limoncello Gallery is his main reason to be in Second Life® but he'd also taken on other commitments here. When he had to scale back his time on the grid those third party obligations had to be met, so time spent on the gallery suffered.

It's time to return to SL Art, with apologies to any friends in that world who may have felt neglected. However as the COVID era draws to an end, there will be less time to spend here. So from now on, this will not be a weekly publication but a quarterly one. The next edition will be in April.


The excellent exhibitions by Xia Chieng and I am Free ended during our publication hiatus. The installation In my Mood, by Eylinea Seabird continues indefinitely and you can see the wonderful Unseen Beauty, by Guille at the LG Tower until the end of this month.

We staged more special exhibitions than usual in 2021. We built the LG Tower as space to expand our own collection but it will take years to fill it. In the meantime, there is space to stage such exhibitions as Xia's – for which in the past we would never have had the capacity. Our gallery is essentially a private art collection that is open to the public for free. We don't exist to sell art (though we're happy if you contact "our" artists directly to buy from them) and we're not in the business of promotion. So while it has been fun to stage big exhibitions alongside the galleries that exist for that purpose – especially during the COVID times when our activities in real life have been restricted – we will now return to our usual mode of operation.

Don't expect more than four special exhibitions a year (probably fewer) and don't expect them to be on the scale you saw last year. They will usually take place in the Jishnu Room at our home gallery in Bellisseria, where the limited LI allowance will keep them modest. Each will last for a maximum of three months.

If you are interested in exhibiting (or if you have suggestions as to artists we should exhibit) please let us know but be prepared to wait for a slot to be available. 


In the months since publication of the Limoncello News was suspended, we have purchased only one piece; Future Shock 3, by Karma Weymann. The few other acquisitions have been gifts. Queen of Merth Exclusive #11, for example was a personal gift to your editor from the artist – his good friend, The Ghost.

January 2022 New Acquisitions_001
Mystery Art 6 and 18
were not personal gifts. The Ghost has an unusual gallery called The Found Art Gallery, which is in the form of a dumpster. Touch it and (not more than once a day) it will give you a piece of her art at random. Knowing The Ghost as we do, there's no doubt a witty commentary on the nature of the art market in Second Life® here; perhaps tinted with her characteristic self-deprecation. We enjoy her art, however, so couldn't resist taking a couple. You can too, so head over there and take a look. If you hold a Bellisseria Passport, you can get a visa stamp there too. 

Queen of Merth Exclusive #11 The Ghost Gift from the Artist LG Tower, Floor 13
Mystery Art 6 The Ghost Gift from the Artist LG Tower, Floor 13
Mystery Art 18 The Ghost Gift from the Artist LG Tower, Floor 13
Future Shock 3 Karma Weymann Purchase LG Tower, Floor 13