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December 2022

Edition 48: A whole new Nanga

There are big changes to our art gallery. Our "home gallery" (a small part of our collection but with inter-regional teleports to our other locations) will remain at Sirinial in Bellisseria. However, we are relocating our historic home – the Airship "Limoncello" – and the LG Tower. Our proprietor, Dave (Lord Junibalya) has taken up Linden Lab's offer to Premium+ members of acquiring a homestead without first buying a full region. 

We are fans of mainland SL and sentimentally attached to our historic home, Nanga. Our founder's first SL home was there and at one point he owned the whole region and neighbouring Pumori. When Dave returned to SL in 2020 after a bereavement break, he embraced Bellisseria; the biggest innovation in his absence. Mainland still has its place though and it was not long before he returned to Nanga, relaunched the old airship and dusted off our huge art collection. It just wouldn't all fit in a skybox over his houseboat in Bellisseria, however frugal he was with his ground-level prims!

Satori was originally meant to be "the Japanese Continent." SL'ers never really took to division on national or cultural lines so all that remains of the idea are the Japanese region names. We decided our new island region should be called Nyunanga (New Nanga). We will be keeping 1,024 square metres of Nanga for sentimental reasons, but all the public art will be found in Sirinial and Nyunanga.

The SLURLs in the sidebar to Limoncello News have been updated to the new locations.

There are 20 storeys of art space in the rebuilt LG Tower and – one of our favourite things about the move - the old airship is now moored to a pylon on the tower roof! As we don't have to hide from Nanga's cluttered skies behind a scenery dome any more, we thought we'd bring these two parts of our collection back together! There is nothing but art on the island at ground level. The rolling scenery is now our sculpture park.

The new galleries are already open and you are most welcome to visit. We are very excited by the move and we hope you will enjoy Nyunanga as much as we do. The LG Tower is here and the Airship Limoncello is now here.

Stay arty, Limoncello Friends, and we hope to see you soon.