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January 2023

Edition 49: The first acquisitions of 2023

My friend Fau Ferdinand sent me a link to this blog post about a new exhibition called "Future Elite" by Seraphim Placebo at her Placebo Gallery. I have always loved Sci-Fi (as witness the Space Station above the LG Tower, accessible by rocket shuttle from the roof) and these are images from an imagined feudal, clannish and apparently matriarchal world of the future.

The striking images really appealed to me and I bought two of them "Future Elite" and "Future Elite 8" for my collection. They're to be found on Level 18 of the LG Tower at our new location. 

Future Elite and Future Elite 8_001
I hope you like them as much as I do. Please come check them out. Of course, while the exhibition at the Placebo Gallery lasts, you can see more of them there.