Art Unbound: SPACE WALK
!The Online Film Festival (OFF) | 7-14 October

New acquisitions etc.

Art Unbound was a great success. The parties on the space station tested the limits of our Homestead Region! Thank you to all the artists involved and to all our visitors. 

The Special Exhibition by New Zealand Artist AmandaT Tamatzui (Amanda Tomasoa in RL) continues on the 20th Floor of the LG Tower until the end of the month. Don't miss it 

I was busy with my work as editor of The Gazette during SL20B. Now that enormous party is over, I have updated the gallery catalogue to reflect a few new acquisitions. As always, you can find the most recent edition of the catalogue in the information board at each location.

New Acquisitions July 2023

On the 19th Floor of the LG Tower, you'll find the following new works;

  • "AI ART", by Fau Ferdinand 2022 (collaboration with Seraphim Placebo)
  • "XXI Century 1", by Milena Carbone
  • "Kingfisher', by Anja (neobookie)
  • "Moon struck w. owl - digital collage", by Aruba DeCuir
  • "A Fashion Essence of Gears and Findings', by TaccaExotic
  • "Seductive Siren of the Rare Orb', by TaccaExotic
  • "The never ending movie," by Fau Ferdinand 2023

I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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