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Our Bellisseria Gallery is moving - but not very far!

In addition to our main location at Nyunanga, where we now have our original SL gallery – the Airship Limoncello – moored to the roof of the 20-storey LG Tower, we have long had a location in Bellisseria. The Bellisseria Limoncello Gallery was housed discreetly in a sky-box above our owner Dave's houseboat, moored in the Sirinial Region.

Dave has decided to upgrade to one of the new houseboat designs offered by the Lindens, which has an airy upper-floor with sea views. An artist friend suggested that this space would be perfect for an art gallery, particularly as it has its own separate entrance. We've decided to act on her splendid suggestion.

So the Limoncello Gallery in Sirinial is in the process of being re-housed on the upper deck of Dave's new houseboat, giving it visibility from the ground and adding a further point of interest to the charming sandbanks neighbourhood of Squishy Pickle. No modifications were needed at all to the new boat and the signage is discreetly executed in weathered paint for a seaside look that fits into the locality. It's all been carefully designed to comply with the Bellisseria Covenant

The lower deck of the boat is Dave's private home, but you, gentle reader, are very welcome to look around if you wish.

Limoncello Art Gallery  Sirinial_001
The old skyb0x remains in use – though it's smaller now. A door connects the two – just open it and walk through. You'll have to accept an experience the first time, but then it works seamlessly. From the skybox annexe, you can walk through another door that will take you into the lobby of the LG Tower, where there's yet another door leading to the Airship Limoncello. So it's possible to enjoy our entire private collection of SL art – collected since 2007 and still growing – from wherever you begin to explore it.

Getting about in the Limoncello Gallery_001Our wonderful directory board grid wide teleport system also allows you to move directly to any of our locations, including our "representative offices" in Elven Falls and the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS) as well as the loan collections in the LG Tower kindly made available by Mesdames Balogh, Biedermann and Dragonash.

We hope you will visit to take a look at the new space and we plan to have an opening party there soon. Please make sure you sign up to our mailing list in-world to make sure you receive your invitation.


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