!The Online Film Festival (OFF) | 7-14 October

!The Online Film Festival "OFF" 2023 will take place at Celadon from 7-14 October this year. The theme is Off the Beaten Track. It is not a contest but a celebration of creativity, art and music on the verge of a tech jump. The opening party will be at the festival venue at 12 noon SLT on October 7th with music provided by wonderful DJ Poppy Morris. 

The festival is organised by good friend of the Limoncello Art Gallery, Fau Ferdinand - whose work features in our collections and who is herself a film maker.

wewelcome from Fau Ferdinand on Vimeo.

When asked about her motivation for organising the festival she told us;

I am a new media artist who has for the past two years have been working intensively in the field of video art. Naturally friends and family started saying I should display my videos, so I started looking at film festivals. I noticed they were usually funded by the participants' entry  fees. I thought I could try a different model. OFF is a festival by makers for makers. 

A wide range of works will be shown and a full list of participants is in the promo video above. Head over to Celadon and enjoy!

Off 2023 full program 3-10 copy