Edition 35: Elven Falls | Mihailsk | Dido Haas | Hermes Kondor | Kraven Klees | Awesome Fallen | Maloe Vansant


A new space for artists has appeared in Second Life® – Elven Falls. It's a former fantasy RP region now landscaped and rebuilt to house galleries. Fenella met gallery manager Aires Hax there and was impressed by his enthusiasm. He is personable and chatty – always in voice. She ran behind him trying to keep up to hear all he had to say about the region's planned development!

The owners are RL artists and this is a philanthropic venture. Rents are low. For approved new artists, there are free street locations. Either way there are no commissions on art sales. There's street art on the walls and sculptures in the parkland. There is affordable housing for artists to rent – with a clear intent to make this a creative community. The Elven Falls Gallery itself stages regular exhibitions and also allows exhibitors to sell at zero commission.

The project is on a serious scale and growing. It has clearly been given much thought. Sisi Biedermann, Zia Branner and Jaëlle Faerye have already opened galleries. Art Korner is also there; displaying some of Frank Atisso's personal art collection.

LG at Elven Falls
The Limoncello Art Gallery is happy to be part of this exciting new venture. We've rented a rep office/cafe near the landing point. Please stop by to have a coffee and a cupcake while you check out what's going on with us. As always at our locations, there's a Tardis landing spot nearby. Set your navigation console to Elven Falls!


Red Sky by Mihailsk
There are two new exhibitions at the Nitroglobus for September. The first is Red Sky by Mihailsk in Dido's part of the gallery. Mihailsk says of his show;

The color red symbolizes intense situations and emotions but at the same time it indicates warning and danger. My red sky is a sky which reflects strong human emotions, covering them like a blanket and thus giving a sense of safety and hope.  Danger, longing, visualization, power, love, pain, balance, joy.: eight human moments under the red sky.

This is Mihailk's second exhibition in rapid succession. His debut exhibition, Baptism of Fire, was also at Nitroglobus and we reviewed it in Edition 26

Dido has dressed the space with red light poles, red/purple trees and glowing clouds under the floor. The staging sets the artworks off perfectly. 

The other exhibition is by Dido herself in the main gallery and is called One Day. It takes its title from a poem, Amoretti LXXV, by Edmund Spenser

My verse your vertues rare shall eternize,
And in the heavens write your glorious name:
Where whenas death shall all the world subdue,
Our love shall live, and later life renew.

It's poetry as seduction; winning the target over by the promise of immortality. Just as with Shakespeare's various inamoratas in the sonnets, however, it's the poet's name we remember!

One Day  by Dido Haas
We have known Dido Haas a long time in SL terms. One of her works is among the earliest pieces in our collection. In 2012 she and her late SL partner Nitro started Nitroglobus Gallery and most of her SL time has been dedicated to curating and promoting exhibitions by guest artists. She says;

Being so busy with curating I had little time left to make photos myself. When I do, my pictures showed visitors, exhibitions and parties at my gallery. But sometimes when I am in the right mood I do make photos, most of them black/white and portraits or avatar studies.

So, an exhibition by Dido herself these days is a rare treat and not to be missed. We have enjoyed her photography and appreciate its characteristically romantic tone. Dido mentions love a lot. At some level it is a presence in everything she does. 


This week we acquired quite a few new artworks. Dave took the monthly tour using the Focus Art HUD and bought Persona - 049, by Hermes KondorThat now hangs on the Lower Deck of the Airship Limoncello. He also bought Posing Nude and Painted Beauty, by Kraven Klees, Awesome FACES 10 and Awesome FACES 12, by Awesome Fallen. Finally, he bought Lust for Life by Maloe Vansant. All of those are to be found now on the 12th Floor of the LG Tower.

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 34: A Girl's Best Friends | Of the true nature of SL


A girl's best friends
A new special exhibition opens today at the Limoncello Gallery. It does so without fanfare, opening party or other promotional shenanigans because the artist, Libbberamente, prefers it that way. She has "nothing to say" about the art. She prefers to let it speak for itself. Fortunately we think it does - and eloquently too.

The images on show are in a series of slideshows so please take your time to see them all. Following a discussion between Dave and the artist, they were commissioned especially for this exhibition and have appeared nowhere else in RL or SL until today.

They are to be found on the 16th floor of the LG Tower. We hope you enjoy them. 


Second Life® is poorly named. It's not an alternate reality. It's an extension of our one and only life; another place we visit – to have fun, to socialise, to create or whatever. We happen to get there, not by car or plane, but via our computer.

All human life is here – good and bad. Happily we experience more of the former because we've found our people here. Artists can be as neurotic or difficult as the next person, but for the most part they're charming, interesting and (usually) playful. Every child is an artist, just as every child is an actor. Artists and actors just didn't stop.

That playfulness is, in the end, what unites us in SL. We're not all creators. We're not all good at RP. More of us shop for our SL clothes, furniture or gadgets than make them ourselves. But none of us are the kind of people who think they are too "grown up" or too "important" to play. 

So it's sad when we encounter residents who take themselves too seriously and get nasty if someone treads more lightly in SL. The Lindens are running a fairground here – not a parliament – so let's enjoy the rides, eat the virtual candy and have fun. We can do serious things too – and take pride in doing them well – but for the most part SL is pure recreation.

Firstly, please don't be one of those people. Secondly, if one of them tries to involve you in drama, log off. Hug a loved one. Stroke a pet. If you must stay in SL, visit a gallery (preferably ours) and lose yourself in the art. Remember how good life is and be happy you found this quirky, amusing, way to extend it into pixeldom.


The show we enjoyed most this week was BiancaJane at Sisi Biedermann's gallery. BiancaJane Juliesse is the SL name of RL artist Mary Sparrow, whose work can be seen on her website. This is not high art but it's joyful and we love it. We were alerted to it by SL blogger extraordinaire Inara Pay and we commend you to her review for more details. We bought two pieces from this show and we are enjoying them a lot. We hope you do too. 


New acquisitions_001
The 3rd floor of the LG Tower now features a collection of seven artworks by Milena Carbone. The latest addition is Explore beyond God. On the 12th Floor of the LG Tower we have three new works. He Sang her A Love Song, by AmandaT Tamatzui, Painting Marilyn and Joie De Vivre, by Biancajane Juliesse (Mary Sparrow in RL)

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 33: Get Out | Sofi | Janus Fall


Screenshot 2021-08-23 at 12.16.19Frank Atisso has made puppets of us all via his weekly Art Korner HUD. As soon as it is delivered, we strap it on and move as he directs. We worry it might make us lazy, but there's no denying he puts in good work to make it easy for us SL art enthusiasts to keep up. Thanks, Frank.

This week, one of the exhibitions we lazily put off visiting until Frank's HUD arrived was Get Out at the Kondor Art Square.

It is an RL photography show – something we'd normally never write about here. The concept is to encourage people who used to shoot street photography before the pandemic, to get back out there. 

SL photography has been our only outlet during the pandemic. Some braver friends in RL published a book of pandemic-era photos, but we have – deplorably – stayed home in a government-mandated funk.

Long lenses, social-distancing and more walking than usual would have made street photography perfectly possible. The eerie emptiness of London's streets might even have been a good theme (though for us it's always the people who make cities interesting). We just didn't do it. Perhaps we didn't want to remember our city in the state to which the pandemic (or our government's response) had reduced it.

In truth, Loviathar Hellman and Moolfryt Klang didn't do it either. Their images – exhibited here under the name Insane Focus – are from their archives. They say of their show;

GET OUT has no more pretension but exhibiting a sample of our 14 years of photography under the "street" category, and maybe spark the wish in visitors to grab a camera and get out.

If that was its objective, it's a success. It stirred a feeling we feared lost; the urge to show the world through a lens. The photographs on show are interesting enough. None moved us very much in and of themselves. The ones of London don't do our city justice. They did remind us though – as Insane Focus intended – of a lost joy. They made us want to "get out" and do better.


Le vent est tombe by Sofi_002One of our favourite artists in SL is Sofi (bachi.cheng). Her art works are distinctively quirky. Dave bought a new one called Le vent est tombé, which is now installed on the Lower Deck of the Airship Limoncello near to the others in our collection. 

Portraiture is our thing. There is nothing more intriguing than a human face. One of the best portraitists active in Second Life is Janus Fall and this week we added another of her works to our collection. 

She has an exhibition in progress at her Red Dot Gallery called Words of which she says;

I began to notice that a single word would come to mind as I worked. I would like to attribute cognition to this phenomenon but that would be a conceit. It seemed to be a reaction to something rather than a response.

Each portrait in the exhibition features the single word it brought to her mind. The one we bought is called Mask, of which Janus says;

In this world the mask is never removed, and all wear them. In fact, the awareness of the façade has long faded, and so no human connection can ever be profound or meaningful. Like a snake unable to shed a skin people go through life dragging the unseen weight of dead possibilities behind them.

That's harsh, but collecting has taught us that artists tend to be extremists. Perhaps over-statement is intrinsically more interesting than understatement? Or perhaps untroubled souls aren't as driven to self-expression? For ourselves, if we believed that no human connection can ever be profound or meaningful, we are not sure we'd want to go on living. 

Fortunately you don't have to share Janus's dark sentiment to delight in the beauty of her work. If such beliefs are what moves her to create, her suffering is at least not in vain.

You can see for yourself on the 12th Floor of the LG Tower where Mask now hangs. It doesn't drive us to existential despair. Quite the contrary. We hope that goes for you too.

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 32: Dave is (almost) made to look cool | Milena, Maya & Faith


We at the Limoncello News are happy to provide facilities to host the publications of our fellow-Bellisserians at the BBB Gazette and, more recently, the BBB offshoot Bellisserian Parade of Homes. The latest post on the Parade of Homes site features a fun video made by Pru and Sceneris of Pring Productions (who made most of the videos about Bellisseria you have enjoyed in the past two years, including the BBB Movie). 

This video features Bellisserians dancing outside their Hallelujah Homes and Dave, the owner of our gallery, is one of them. The Hallelujah Home in question is Dave's houseboat in Sirinial (above which, in a sky box, is our Main Gallery). We thought you might enjoy it. 


Milena Carbone at the LG Tower_001
Dave in front of Milena's artworks

Milena Carbone is an intensely political French artist who has taken with enthusiasm to Second Life®. She has her own gallery and gives art works away to those who join (as Dave did) her gallery group. We collect art for our own pleasure and education but also take pride in supporting the work of artists so Dave made a donation to the gallery in return for the three art works he chose, which are The Bather's Daydream, Krisis and Ballerina with Flowers.

All are to be found on the Third Floor of the LG Tower at our Mainland annexe in Nanga. The works are not modifiable, so clicking on them won't yield information note cards. However clicking on the wall will offer a menu of artist names and selecting Milena's will give you all the information for which you could reasonably wish.

Our next new acquisition this week is by an artist previously unknown to us. Dave discovered her from Frank Atisso's weekly Art Korner Exhibits HUD, which took him this week to the Art Music Surf Festival at Splash n Surf Beach, where her work was displayed.

Her name is Maya (unemaya) and Dave bought an artwork called Harmony together with a matching dress as a gift for Fenella. Maya has a fashion store called Boho Soul, which can be found in-world and on marketplace.

A sign at her exhibit says;

Maya started painting as a dare when a friend challenged her to funnel the deep emotional grief after the loss of a child. Being drawn into SL by her RL sister, Maya found a new passion with designing clothes. Finally Maya's newest SL friend inspired her to create wearable art. 

Harmony by Maya_001 2
Fenella with the art | click to enlarge

Fenella is seen here with her new dress - an example of that wearable art - in front of the painting, which is to be found on the Lower Deck of the Airship Limoncello at our mainland annexe. 

Finally, and also on the Lower Deck of the Airship Limoncello is a lovely piece by Faith Maxwell called In Mask. More of Faith's work can be found on her Flickr stream

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 31: LIDO is drained | Another teaser | Manhood on the Arty Grid | New acquisitions


We hope you all enjoyed the second pop-up gallery in the ART UNBOUND programme co-produced with Infinite Productions. Our partner Cate Infinity did a brilliant job of curating the gallery and organised one of the most fun opening parties we've ever attended! Thanks, Cate. It's always a delight to work with you!

The gallery closed on the 7th and the works we loaned to it are now back home at our gallery. 


We shouldn't have to say we think this artist is good. We have no axe to grind. Our permanent exhibit is merely an out-of-control personal collection. We bought each piece because we liked it at the time. Our special exhibits are also just works by artists we like. Nothing is for sale. We hope others enjoy it but it's no skin off our pixellated noses if they don't.

That's why – having bought one piece for our collection last year – Dave encouraged this artist to put together a show. He agreed a theme and provided one subject – his beloved Ferrari California. Apart from that, she could shoot what she wanted. We think it's turned out well. Fenella would like to promote it – that's what she does. But with an artist this reticent – no bios, no parties and "nothing to say about the art" – that's not easy. So all she can do is give you a glimpse of what's coming and hope it makes you curious enough to visit.

image from www.flickr.com
The artist has posted some photos on her blog of the exhibition being set up. The show opens September 1st and will run for three months. Each panel features more than one shot. Every exhibit is a slideshow. What's it all about? No notes. No clues. It "means" whatever you feel when you see it. 

Good luck. You are on your own.


Poster Hilaire Beaumont - TOUGH MAN
Fenella visited the new exhibition at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery and was surprised. She's been analysing her surprise ever since. That's a good thing, of course. Art that doesn't make you think is decor.

Most artists, curators and patrons in SL's art world are (or purport to be) female. Female psyches vary widely and that's reflected in their art. Dark images are more common than cutesy ones. Pictures of tough men (other perhaps than as threats) are, however, not usually on offer. Yet here is Hilaire Beaumont's exhibition Tough Man.

Curator Dido Haas says in the exhibition notes;

I have loved Hilaire's images ever since I saw them for the first time, which is a long time ago. Until now only existing Flickr works of Hilaire were shown at a few galleries. However, for Nitroglobus, Hilaire created new works, never shown before. The theme is obvious and doesn't need much explanation. Look around and enjoy tough man Hilaire ;-)

image from www.flickr.comAnd why not? Of all the men who make great subjects for art, some are tougher than others. These portraits show an aspect of masculinity that exists – even if the conventional wisdom writes it off as our grandfathers' notion of Manhood. Is it really true that "it doesn't need much explanation" though? The thoughts it provokes should not be so carelessly dismissed. 

The images on show are well-composed, strongly executed and grab the viewer's attention. They focus eyes and minds on Hemingwayesque subjects. So feminised is post-modern Western Culture that "male" and "bad" are often – let's be honest – confused. When did you last see the noun "masculinity" without the adjective "toxic", for example? Men like those in Hilaire's images only feature in plays, movies, art or even advertising as threats – as "bad guys". And even though they're often just like our beloved dads or brothers, we don't seem to question that much.

So maybe a surprised reaction is necessary and overdue? Don't misunderstand us. We're not saying the exhibition was meant (or that we see it) as a lecture, sermon or battle cry. Just that, perhaps, the very notion of manhood needs a fresh look?

We leave it to you to judge if this exhibition is that look, or not.


image from www.flickr.com
Despite feeling slightly uncomfortable on first visiting Hilaire Beaumont's exhibition Tough Man at the Nitroglobus, Fenella (as her review above shows) came around. She bought this extraordinary image for our permanent collection. As a vision of manhood, hmm. As an SL photograph, wow. You can find it on the third floor of the LG Tower. Go see it. Tell us what you think. 

Until next week, dear Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 30: September Exhibition Teaser | Acquisitions from Aruba, Xia, Beth and Elodie | Elsewhere on the Arty Grid


Our artist hates biographies and "has nothing to say" about her art, so there's naught we can do to pique your interest except show you a picture from the setup work in progress. All else you must learn from the pictures themselves – in September.

image from www.flickr.com
Dave, in work clothes, setting up the show


image from www.flickr.com
Hippy Fenella, fresh from a Sixties Fair, at "L'Art d'Elo"

It is vacation time and galleries are usually quiet. Still, there are good exhibitions in progress. This week Fenella visited Covenstead Art Gallery to attend the opening of a new exhibition by Xia Chieng. We think we detect a change of mood in Xia's work. It seems less dark in its emotional tone. Whether that impression is correct or not, we loved the older work and we love this too. Don't hesitate. Use the link above and just go!

Secondly, Fenella visited the Art Korner special exhibition space (built by Frank Atisso, especially for this show) to see Immersion by Beth Bridget. This is only Beth's second exhibition in SL. In the notes to the exhibition, she says;

Through my work, I most often try to convey a mood. Whether that mood is peace, hope, tranquility or turbulence, they are all a part of the feelings I have experienced in my life. Through this exhibition of my monochromatic works, I have tried to create an immersive experience for visitors with the use of light and contrast together with the bird in flight. Eventually, I hope this contrast between dreams and reality is able to generate a subliminal message for viewers.

We worry about messages in art. In this post-religious age, they are often the pompous sermons of the New Righteous. Nor are we fans of monochrome photography, which can be great but is more often pretentious (or just an attempt to rescue failed work in colour). We cordially detest the SL photo-cliche that is the lighthouse. So it says something about the quality of Beth's work that – despite the presence of all three – Fenella so enjoyed this show!

Finally, we can always rely on La Maison d'Aneli to stage not one but several great shows. On this week's visit, Fenella was particularly struck by two of them. She enjoyed Giovanna Cerise's installation, Doll's House. It is interactive and will evolve as more visitors fulfil the artist's request to leave the word that came to mind as they experienced it. More than one visit may be required!

Fenella also loved the work of Elo Constantine (elodiecasa.dragovar) aka Elodie, in her exhibition L'Art d'Elo. She's a new artist to us. Her work is intelligent and varied both in style and subject matter. Several exhibitions could have been made from the work assembled at La Maison d'Aneli. We would not necessarily have realised they were by the same artist. Normally that would suggest the artist has not yet found a "voice" – a signature style – but here we are not so sure. This may just be a talent that can't easily be channeled. Just go and see what you think.


Aruba DeCuir has some new work on offer at her excellent gallery. Fenella bought two of the new pieces, named Cathay and Pliers and square. They are what Aruba calls digital etchings and are now to be found on the Lower Deck of the Airship Limoncello.

Also on the the Lower Deck are to be found three new paintings by Xia Chieng; making a total of seven of her works in our collections. They are The Sisters, Oasis and Ginger.

We have acquired three works by Elodie: "guerrier de l omo 2", "mere et l'enfant" and "elephant". They hang alongside Xia's work on the Lower Deck of the AS Limoncello. 

Finally in another big, budget-busting, bumper week for boosting our collection, Fenella bought passeggiata sulla luna (Walk on the Moon), by Beth Bridget (BethBridget Resident). It now hangs on the 3rd Floor of the LG Tower at our mainland annexe.

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 29: A new way into SL Art | Hermes Kondor | Milena Carbone


image from www.flickr.com
Image © Elly Boccara features Fenella (verre de vin in hand) dancing with fellow-Belli gallerist Vandeverre

This is not strictly gallery business, but our editor Fenella wants to thank all of the Limoncello Friends who came to her Rez Day Party. She had a wonderful time and hopes you did too.


This week, we feature three galleries and one portrait studio – all in the same region and owned by the same artist; Anja (neobookie). Anja is one of "our" artists so this qualifies as one of our occasional ARTIST IN FOCUS segments too. Her works in our collection are to be found on Floor 5 and Floor 9 of the LG Tower.

She has had her own gallery for a while but has worked hard to rebuild it as four separate venues. They are the No Walls Art Gallery, Xplore, FoYer, and her Portrait Studio. All are connected by teleports so it's easy to see them all on one visit. Fenella  interviewed Anja as she showed her around. 

F: Can you talk our readers through the four concepts please Anja?

Foyer notecardA: Yes, of course. Firstly, FoYer. A foyer is an entrance hall to a building. My idea is for this gallery to be an entrance into the world of SL art. A starting artist can show seven pieces of work there for free.

F: So it's a kind of incubator gallery for new artists; like we had at the Limoncello Gallery in our early days?

A: Yes, though a more well-known artist could also use it as a try out space for a new concept or direction. I was given a lot of support from an established artist when I began my art career in SL. I would like to "pay it forward". 

F: That's great. Who is your first FoYer artist and when is the opening party?

A: The first exhibition will be of works by Smilla. She's been in SL since 2007. She has spent much of her real life landscaping, sculpting and stone cutting. She's also a photographer and musician so it's not surprising she felt the need to express herself here as well. I think people will enjoy her work. We don't plan to have official opening parties for FoYer exhibitions, though the artists can invite whomever they like.

F: That's a shame – I love an opening party. Well actually I just love a party! So how does an artist get into FoYer? Will you approach them or can they apply?

A: If I spot some talent, I will suggest it myself - as I did with Smilla. If people want to send me links to their work, I am also happy to hear from them. It's a small space and I don't want this to become a job, so I hope they'll be patient and accept that I won't always be able to help. 

F: That's understood – and what about your other spaces?

XploreA: Xplore is for a series of exhibitions of my SL travel photography. Each one will feature six photographs from a single region. I will change the exhibitions every eight weeks or so. The first features Ruegen, which the owner calls "an attempt to depict the landscape of the beautiful Baltic Sea island of Rügen".

F: It looks very beautiful in the photographs. I can't wait to visit it. I had the chance to speak to the owner, Andre, and he told me that:

Anja is really an artist. I like the warmth of the colors in the pictures. I like it better than on the sim!

F: And I agree with him. The world looks better through your eyes, Anja!

NO_WALLS art bordA: I thank both of you for those kind words! The third gallery is of my own original SL artw0rks and is called the No Walls Art Gallery.

F: Most of our readers are familiar with your work, Anja. Especially since the success of your exhibition Anja's Surrealism at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery, which we reviewed here. What about the fourth gallery?

ELF selfie
Elf selfie (S-Elfie?), by Anja

A: The fourth space is not really a gallery but a working studio for my photographic portrait work. I love to take portraits and people like photographs of themselves for their SL homes or profile pictures. 

F: Thanks, Anja. I have some of your portrait work at home and I love it!

We strongly recommend you take a look at all four locations and we applaud Anja's generosity in trying to help other artists make a start. All the SLURLs you need are in the various links above. We are grateful to Anja, who has two busy lives, for giving us so much of her valuable time. 


There are two additions this week. Please take a look. If you know of other galleries in Bellisseria that are not yet listed, or if you are opening a new gallery, please advise us by IM or NC to Fenella Allen in-world, or by clicking on the email the editor link under Contact Us in the sidebar.

Please note that we will only list non-commercial galleries. Any attempt to sell art in Bellisseria or to solicit donations (whether for personal profit or otherwise) is in breach of the covenant. It's not our job to enforce it and we won't be filing any Abuse Reports ourselves, but we won't send people to a place where they might feel obliged to do so. 


image from www.flickr.com
Fen admires one of the new acquisitions (click to enlarge)

We have five beautiful new photographs by Hermes Kondor on display on the Lower Deck of the Airship Limoncello. They were a personal gift by the artist to curator, Fenella Allen, for her 14th Rez Day. She wanted to share them with our visitors and Hermes kindly consented. The photographs are called A Road To Nowhere, Faces, Her Hidden Side, Hidden Face and Memories.

Fenella received other gifts of art but they are no copy items and she is going to hang them in her own home. Maybe we can persuade her to lend them in future. In the meantime, she loves to entertain so feel free to invite yourself for coffee if you see her online!

We bought three works by Milena Carbone this week from her current exhibition at her own gallery called The Scale of Love. The exhibition explores visually the Ancient Greeks' categories of love. The works we bought were  "Nine Levels of Love - Pothos", "Nine Levels of Love - Eros" and "Nine Levels of Love - Agape". They now hang on the Third Floor of the LG Tower.  The exhibition was reviewed by Inara Pey here

We also bought Egg on my face by Edie Horngold this week and hung it on the Lower Deck of the Airship Limoncello. It's at the front of the ship, near to the control gondola.

Not that she flies around much these days – she's permanently moored above the LG Tower – but that was where the captain and crew used to work in the days when airships like this connected Europe to South America in real life. They are mainly remembered now for the catastrophe that (together with the advent of the airliner) brought millions of safe air miles covered by such vessels to an end. 

We at the gallery remember what fun we had trying to fly the AS Limoncello in SL. The last flight was a stately descent to the ground this year to be de-rezzed before being rebuilt in mesh. In her old form of 745 prims she was – at 124 metres long – the largest moving vehicle on the grid when our founder Tom bought her in 2007.

It was impossible back then to link so many prims so the controls moved an invisible model to which various prim-sets were linked. They followed the model, clumsily and often in stages. The effect was more comic than convincing, but one had to admire the maker's creativity in thwarting SL's limitations! At that size, the sim-crossings (sorry Patch, region-crossings) came thick and fast. They  usually ended in disaster, one way or another. Only the contents for which Tom had mod rights could be linked to the ship. Even a successful voyage had a tricky conclusion as he manoeuvred her back into a position where the art-works hung correctly!

Her present life is a calm and peaceful one. Most visitors don't even think of her as a craft, we suspect. But she carries as ghostly passengers many of our SL memories.

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 28: Art Unbound in progress | Bellisserian Art Galleries | Time Lord visitors?

Lido Party by EllyPhoto © Elly Boccara on Flickr

The opening party last Saturday for Lido — a pop-up gallery co-produced by Infinite Productions and the Limoncello Art Gallery — went swimmingly. This is the second pop-up in the ART UNBOUND series; this time in a fishing shack on a beautiful sandy beach.

The event was well-attended, people loved the exhibition, DJs Poppy and Vivienne did a superb job and we all had fun in each other’s company.

Your editor Finella presided, tailed and scaled, from a clamshell throne — waving her fins to the music while greeting and chatting to guests. Cate Infinity of our event partners Infinite Productions and the Infinite Art Gallery danced happily in her bikini, while fielding questions about the art works and directing people through the portal to the delightful sculpture beach.

It was so obvious that were having fun that Bellisserians who just happened by to collect the special edition stamp for their passport stayed to party!

Slenderman at Lido © Bellisseria Slenderman
Slendie in the house

Speaking of Bellisseria, despite the fact the party wasn’t there, the Bellisseria Slenderman made a surprise appearance — presumably because  the Limoncello Art Gallery is a Bellisserian institution. We’d say that was kind of him but he has an evil reputation to sustain — kindness is not really Slendie’s thing! 

There are more pictures to be seen in the ART UNBOUND Flickr Group

Frank Atisso wrote a great review for his Art Korner blog, which captured the essence of what we are trying to achieve in taking art out of its “temples” onto the SL road. Frank made an appearance at the party so we had the chance to thank him in person 

The exhibition now continues until August 7th. If you haven't seen it yet, please head over there and bring your friends.


Bellisseria Gallery The 22_002Rather than go to one of the blockbuster SL art galleries this week, we set out on a project dear to our hearts. Linden Homes in Bellisseria are designed to be just that - homes. They are domestic in scale and mostly rather suburban (although the new Fantasy Theme will bring a new dimension). Yet the ethos of Second Life®  – always a world made by its residents – leads some to dedicate their homes to other purposes.

If you check out the new Bellisseria Parade of Homes Review blog, you'll find show homes occupied as intended in all of the available styles. However you'll also find Resident-owned Places of Interest. These are buildings open to the public – not to show off the owner's classy taste in interior design or landscaping – but as public resources. 

The Bellisserian Citizens Group HQ and the offices of the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy are good examples, but the Limoncello's Main Gallery in Sirinial on the Squishy Pickle sandbanks is not the only art gallery on the Linden Continent. We decided to tour all of them and provide you with SLURLs so you can support these public-spirited Bellisserians in their artistic endeavours. We've collected the information on a directory page for Bellisserian Art Galleries to serve as a permanent resource.

There will be work involved in maintaining and updating this resource. We hope that you will help us by visiting the featured galleries and letting us know about any errors or omissions in the listings. It is perfectly possible that there are more galleries out there in Bellisseria. If they are open to the public, please let us know!

These resident gallerists are philanthropists and we'd like to support what they do. The directory page is now in the sidebar and we are happy for other SL art galleries, websites and blogs to link to it as they please. 


We are fans of the longest-running sci-fi show in the world, Doctor Who. It first appeared on TV screens in 1963. Its eponymous hero is "the Doctor" – a renegade Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, who roams all time and space in a stolen time ship called the Tardis. This ship (the name stands for Time And Relative Dimensions in Space) is one of the cleverest constructs in all science fiction. It has a chameleon circuit so it can for example disguise itself as a pillar on landing in Ancient Rome. Even more impressively it is "dimensionally transcendent", which means it's bigger on the inside than the outside.

In SL Tardis owners rez an "interior" somewhere on their land (or temporarily in a sandbox) and then land the "exteriors" in various forms wherever they have the rights. Exterior rezzers can be set to public use so every SL Tardis can land there.

Why mention this here? Though one of our favourite episodes involved the Doctor meeting Vincent van Gogh, the art connection is not obvious. Every location of our gallery welcomes visits by Tardis. We think SL's Time Lords would appreciate being able to visit other art galleries by Tardis too. If you own a gallery and would like to make this possible, just contact Dave or Fen. Lend them a tag to rez on your land, tell them what name you would like to appear in Tardis navigation systems and they will place the necessary rezzer! Don't just get visitors from more places, get them from more times!


Fenella had the pleasure of meting Cica Ghost this week, having been introduced by a mutual friend. We had resisted the temptation to buy her amazing horse sculptures currently on exhibition because they were so primmy. However Cica explained the ones on display at her region are enormous. At normal size they are only 4LI each. So we are delighted to say that now  "Cica's Horse 8" and "Cica's Horse 10" are on display in the grounds of the LG Tower.

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 27: Lido is ready to launch


Lido Bathyscape_001The stage is set for our opening party and a space has been prepared for arty Time Lords to land their Tardises. Fenella is pictured with her Tardis – landed in a suitably maritime form! The Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy terminal to issue a special commemorative stamp for your Bellisseria Passport is already in position and working.

image from www.flickr.com

The art is also in place, both in the beach shack on the ground and in a sky box accessible through a door inside. We hope to see as many of you as possible at the opening party at 7pm SLT on July 17th. An invitation has been sent out to the Limoncello Gallery mailing list, the Infinite Gallery Group and other selected art groups in-world. If you haven't received one please IM Fenella Allen or Cate Infinity in-world. Dress code is beachwear or mer. In the meantime the exhibition is open for previews.


Our editor, Fenella, is 14 next week and is combining a rez day party with a house-warming for her new dacha near the Limoncello News offices in Campbell Coast. All our readers are welcome. The party starts at 1pm SLT on the 21st July  and an invitation was included with this week's notices of publication. 

It's a garden party. Dress code is smart casual. Music will be provided by DJ Female. See you there! Please RSVP directly to Fenella Allen in-world.


Poster miu miu miu's Stamp - July 2021 NitroglobusTo the extent that we at the Limoncello Gallery have any artistic ability ourselves, it's as photographic portraitists. We agree with the poet that "the proper study of Mankind is Man" and particularly enjoy portraits – not least the challenging kind made in Second Life® of avatars that (even when actually in human form) lack the natural expressions of real humans. There's a very specific art to making them live in an image.

Therefore (at the risk of returning too often here to one of our favourite other galleries in SL) we particularly enjoyed Miu Miu Miu's Stamp at Dido's part of the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.

Miu Miu Miu, whose Flickr feed is also worth your time to check out, casually observes in the exhibition notecard that

I found some images in an old folder, which I had not posted or exhibited on any platform. When Dido offered me an opportunity to display these images on the walls of Nitroglobus, I was only glad to accept! Thank you, Dido! <3

If there was work of this quality lying in our inventory, we think we would have exhibited it. That it was lying forgotten in Miu Miu Miu's says something about her effortless talent! We recommend you visit the exhibition and check it out yourself. 

image from www.flickr.com
Our other recommendation this week is the Carmel Summer Art Fair, now in full swing at the SL representation of the city in California famous for its connection to the arts. The fair opened on 5th July and runs to the 25th. Drop by our office in Carmel and you'll find all the the art on the streets outside.


Fenella was part of a photoshoot at the Bellisseria Bureau of Bureaucracy (where she has a side gig as editor of the BBB Gazette) to get a group shot of the entire team. It was fun and so she decided to shoot one of the Limoncello Gallery team. So here are (L-R) Dave, Fenella and Tom. Dave owns the gallery, Fenella is co-curator and the Editor of Limoncello News and Tom (now only slightly active in SL) is the founder whose art collection began the whole project way back in 2007.



Our new artworks in the collection this week include Pistachio, by miu miu miu (miumiumiusecond), which Dave bought when he visited her exhibition reviewed above in Elsewhere on the Arty Grid. It now hangs on the Lower Deck of the Airship Limoncello as do two new works by Moni (monique.beebe). They are 3 women and Plastic People. Plastic People gives its name to Moni's half of a current joint exhibition with one of our favourite artists in SL, Traci Ultsch. The exhibition is at Kondor Art Square and is called Dead Cities & Plastic People. While Dave was visiting, blogger Inara Pay was standing silently there, plainly AFK. As he was hanging his purchases, she settled his curiosity as to what she was up to, by sending a notification of her review of the exhibition.

By the way, if you are interested in collecting SL art yourself, this exhibition would be a very economical place to start. Moni and Traci both have their works on sale there very cheaply. Moni says of hers:

If you want a copy of one of the pics please be welcome and get one. I had to set a price and put it on L$1. There is no way I have to earn on my work. it is already an honour if you take a copy of it.

There is no reason for your home in SL to be bereft of good art. Traci and Moni are fine artists and their generosity here should neither be underestimated nor missed out on!

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, be arty!

Edition 26: LIDO, Amona Savira, Baptism of Fire

click to enlarge

Work continues on our new pop up exhibition LIDO – co-produced with INFINITE PRODUCTIONS and due to open on 17th July. There will be new work by Cate Infinity and Esta Republic. There will also be works by Milly Sharple, Jaelle Faerye, Tani Thor, Aquarius Lowtide, Ohsoleomio, Vanessa Jane and Gitu Aura on loan from the Limoncello Art Gallery's permanent collection. There will be a special stamp available for your Bellisseria Passport.

The opening party is at 7pm SLT on July 17th. Music will be provided by the ever-original Manx Wharton and DJ Vivienne Dufaux so get ready to dance on the beach amongst the art. The dress code is beachwear or mer!

Speaking of Cate Infinity, the opening party for her new gallery was last weekend. Sadly Fenella was away in RL and could not be there, but the event was a stunning success. Cate reports;

Art patrons showed up from all over the grid. It featured musical and eccentric acts from Manx Wharton and Poppy Morris. Manx Wharton's remix of Depeche Mode and Death Cab for Cutie was brilliant and entertaining. Poppy Morris performed industrial noise using her vocals and loom and it was transcendental.

Infinite Art Gallery reveals its artists undying commitment to art as a universal language and catalyst for unity. It seeks to foster inner creativity and talent towards an optimal SL experience. Cate Infinity displayed 2 limited edition artworks at the opening entitled Explosions of Fear and Explosions of Consciousness.


Amona Savira Poster

Our Molly Bloom show has come to an end, so it's time for our next special exhibition. Amona Savira was a Norwegian artist who, despite modestly denying that she practised "art with a big A" in SL, built up a considerable following. Sadly she is no longer with us, having died in February of 2017.

Amona went to art school in RL and had a degree in art history. She started her Flickr account in 2010 and traveled all over SL taking pictures. She moved on from landscapes documenting those travels to what she considered "more artistic projects" – including avatar portraits. She often served as her own model.

Such was her reputation in the SL art community, that her memory was honoured in the year of her passing with a retrospective exhibition at the prestigious DixMix Gallery. We think it's time to remember her contribution once again. Thanks to our friend Jo (JMB Balogh) who has a good selection of Amona's work in her inventory, we are now able to stage our own retrospective in the Jishnu Room for Special Exhibitions at our home gallery in Bellisseria. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

JMB Balogh
click to enlarge

Our thanks to Jo for lending us these special works of art for all to enjoy. This is the third consecutive special exhibition drawn from the Aladdin's Cave of her inventory. She also loans us the works in the Balogh Collection at the LG Tower

You might like to check out Jo's own SL work at her Seaside Gallery in Nestor. For a long time she's been doing beautiful work in her own right. Her Flickr page is here. Take a look!


Baptism of Fire - Mihailsk - poster
Click to enlarge

Fenella was lucky enough to be invited by Dido Haas to preview the July exhibition at her Nitroglobus Roof Gallery. It's called Baptism of Fire and is the Second Life® artistic debut of Mihailsk, a Greek photographer with a distinctive style.

The images on display are all monochrome and feature the artist himself as model. They are simple, almost stark, and yet both dramatic and painterly in style. Challenged by Dido, who first found his work on Flickr, to travel inside himself  to make works for this exhibition, Mihailsk says;

I accepted that challenge and tried to express thoughts and emotions, using only my body and the presence or absence of light. I dared to make myself the main subject of my frame, something I usually don't do. Without colors, mostly without unnecessary objects, the more I traveled the more discoveries I made.

Dido – as always – has a great eye for new talent and Baptism of Fire is an impressive debut. We recommend it to you. You can see more of Mihailsk's work on his Flickr photo stream


Remission by Mihailsk
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Given our favourable review (above) you won't be surprised that we bought a photograph from Mihailsk's Baptism of Fire show. It's called Remission and now hangs on the 12th Floor of the LG Tower. 




Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!