Edition 19

First of all, thank you to Cranston Yordstorm of the Passport to Bellisseria blog (and now vlog) for his kind permission to use his photo of the relaunched Airship Limoncello as the new banner for Limoncello News. Cranston is an actor in RL and an affable, enthusiastic presence in SL. Thanks, Cranston, not only for the photo rights, but for all you bring to SL.  

Not least of Cranston's SL contributions is his singing and those of you who attended the Relaunch Party last Saturday for the Airship Limoncello will be well aware of his talent. He entertained us well and the party then continued under the expert musical guidance of DJ Female. Our thanks to them both and to all of you who joined what was a sentimental evening for us. The airship has been part of our Second Lives since the very beginning.

It was particularly good to welcome JMB Balogh and Zhu Juran. Both were at the first airship party back in 2007 and are great friends. We're happy that, despite the unsocial hour for Europeans, Leon Nobilis, who remade the ship for us, joined the celebrations. It was also great to welcome some of the artists whose work is represented in our collection to celebrate with us. Their creativity keeps us in SL. Without them, we wouldn’t have stuck around for the virtual experiences (and real friendships) that make our SL so enjoyable — and so unlike the seedy 3D chat room outsiders often imagine.

The party’s over but it’s not time to call it a day. It’s back — for the Limoncello and for us — to the quiet, satisfying pastime  of collecting and sharing art. We’re grateful to all of you involved in helping us make SL places to – we hope – bring pleasure to visitors.

AS Limoncello v2.00
Photo © Leon Nobilis


Discussions have begun with our partner Infinite Productions about the next pop up art gallery in our ART UNBOUND series. As you know, the big idea of the project is to take art out of its "temples" to places it might not usually be thought to belong. Cate of Infinite Productions is researching locations and there'll be more news soon. We can tell you that the next ART UNBOUND pop up gallery will open in July and will feature works by veteran SL artists as well as one newcomer.


Under the Ice
Under the Ice / click to enlarge

We love the enormous installations made by French Artist Eylinea Seabird. One called In My Mood has been in place for some time at our gallery and can be accessed from a door at the aft end of the Middle Deck of the Airship Limoncello. You should check it out soon if you haven't seen it already, or take a last chance to enjoy it again as it may soon be replaced. Don't forget to check out her 2D artworks in our collection, which you will walk past on the way to that door. 

Eyelinea's latest massive installation, Under the Ice, opened this week at the VeGeTaL PLaNeT Gallery and is cool in every sense. Provided, that is, you first turn on Advanced Lighting Model (ALM). Without ALM, you'll think we're crazy to recommend it!

Sadly she couldn't make its opening party, but Fenella visited the new Jamison Arts Gallery in Haven Village to check out the three-woman exhibition with which it was launched. Two of the three artists; Aruba DeCuir and Jaelle Faerye, feature in our collections. The third, Sabrina Cooke, was new to us. Their work plays well off each other. Their styles are all different but somehow work together as a show. We recommend you take a look.

We're always delighted to see new art spaces open. If this opening exhibition is anything to go by, the Jamison should be a great addition to the SL art scene. Our congratulations to Harlow Jamison, the friendly and welcoming owner, and to the three artists concerned. 


New Acquisitions 19 May 2021_001
This week's additions to our collection include "She Dwells", By Sugah Pancake – another Mermaid image, and a spectacular one. It was bought from The Art of Sugah Pancake, an exhibition currently in progress at the new Kondor Art Square. The next addition is by the highly-productive Caly Applewhywte and is called GEISHA in the Soul - 04.  Then comes CW- Girando, by Cullum Writer and finally Intro and extrovert, by Awesome Fallen. All of the above are to be found on the third floor of the LG Tower at our mainland annexe in Nanga.

At the opening exhibition at the Jamison Arts Gallery in Haven Village, mentioned above, we also acquired two portraits by artist Sabrina Cooke, for whom that is her first SL show. They are called Tulips and Begonias and Ethereal and are to be found on the 11th Floor of the LG Tower.

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 18


AS Limoncello Relaunch Party 09.31.14Please have your tuxedos and evening dresses dry-cleaned and come to the relaunch party of the newly-refurbished Airship Limoncello from 4-6pm on Saturday May 15th.

The party will be on board the newly spiffed-up ship and live music will be provided by singer Cranston Yordstorm from 4pm, followed by tunes from DJ Female from 5pm.

It will be an emotional event for the Limoncello Art Gallery team. The first party our founder, Tom Paine (LastDitch Writer) ever threw in SL was an after-party on July 1st, 2007 for a blogging awards ceremony. As reported here on his blog, it took place aboard the then brand-new Airship Limoncello. At 124 metres of more than 700 barely-held-together prims – she was then the largest moving vehicle in SL – though the gentlest region crossing tended to pull her apart!

Many noobs partied aboard that night. Several fell out and had to be saved by teleports back from mid-air! The dear old Limoncello has been central to our Second Lives ever since. Tom will be there in spirit for the relaunch of his old ship and we will release a special video greeting from him at the time of the event. 

So, if you want to see nostalgic tears in the eyes of grown avatars, you need to be there. Bring your dancing shoes and your friends.


image from flic.krThe Airship Limoncello having been rebuilt to save prims, our logical next step was to use some of them (163 in fact) to add floors to the LG Tower. So that's what we have done.

Since last week's Limoncello News, we have called in the builders and added five new floors. That gives us 20 in total, of which 19 are gallery floors. We can now sustain the present pace of acquisitions for a year without increasing tier.

The new 20th Floor is our LG Arts Theatre and is available (complete with stage, podium and lighting rig) to any artists or curators who would like to give lectures, stage performance art or present other arty events. There will be no charge for use of the theatre by anyone Dave likes. Take the elevator to the 20th Floor, check it out and lay your charm thickly on Dave to get the tag!


Cranston Yordstorm’s excellent blog Passport to Bellisseria has been documenting his visits to stamp-issuing locations for the Bellisseria passport from the BBB. Last week he was one of the very first visitors to the newly-refurbished and re-launched Airship Limoncello and you can read all about it here. It’s funny for us, having lived with the old girl for the whole of our time in SL, to read about her as the “latest annex” and “new”, but in a sense she now is. We are grateful to Cranston for letting us know that the passport terminal on board was malfunctioning. We’re not sure how that happened but we deleted it and rezzed a new one and all is now well. Please, if you ever encounter anything that's not working at our galleries, let us know!


Fenella attended the opening of White Canvas, an exhibition by Diconay Boa at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery last Sunday. The images were striking and the light show by Venus Adored was spectacular. The show is a study of second life tattoos.  Diconay says that;

Tattoos are jewelry for the skin. People get them for many reasons... Our current society craves individuality and self expression. And now many people wear their artistic expression. They are especially interesting in the virtual world because of the lack of permanence on a virtual mesh body. But someone talented in the digital arts can really make it look surreal and beautiful.

The show is well worth a look. 


We mentioned Aruba DeCuir's World Collage Day exhibition last week. It's still running for a little while so do visit if you haven't already. We bought two pieces for our collection, called Red Herring and Chopsticks – both by Aruba herself. You will find them on the Upper Deck of the Airship Limoncello.

We also acquired three works by Ghost, who is organising a charity event at her gallery in the Artists' Village at Campbell Coast. All the art is on sale at $L0 – that's right; entirely free of charge. Instead purchasers are asked to donate the usual price of L$250 per item to Relay for Life (RFL) the fundraiser for cancer research. Our three "purchases" are Vanity Blues - Biography, Urban Dystophia and Sunstruck Stone and also now hang on the Upper Deck of the Airship Limoncello. 

Finally, from her exhibition White Canvas reviewed in this week's EOTAG feature,  we bought 13. Slow kill, by Diconay Boa. You'll find it exhibited on the 11th Floor at the LG Tower.

That's all from our Campbell Coast editorial offices for now. See you at the party. Until then, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 17


image from www.flickr.comThe renovation and refurbishment of the Airship Limoncello is complete! Fenella inspected the finished job on Tuesday and asked for a couple of minor adjustments, which our contractor, Leon, took care of. We took delivery yesterday.

It's looking good. Leon has managed to get the Land Impact down to 226, which is 21 better than his previous estimate and hundreds better than the original build. She's still a heavy object but is 124 metres long so there are limits to what can be achieved. Every prim saved is another artwork that can be exhibited, so we are delighted. We also love the redesigned control gondola and the new staircases.

AS Limoncello v2.00 makers plateWe worked like crazy into the early hours of this morning to re-hang all the art. We need to update the catalogue to reflect the re-arrangements we have made – and some work is necessary to correct the build, so step carefully in places where the floors are incomplete – but essentially it's ready for visitors. 

We plan to have a re-launch party to match the original back in 2007 where the whole Limoncello story began! Watch this space for details. If you would like an invitation to the party, be sure to visit the gallery and subscribe to our mailing list. We hope to see you all there!


We are late to this story but always like to give a shout-out to our fellow-gallerists in Bellisseria. We appreciate their sacrifice of the limited LI allowance at their Linden Homes to the cause of art.

There's an exhibition in progress right now involving two of our favourite SL ladies; Owl Dragonash and Inara Pey. It opened on April 18th and runs until May 15th at the super-cute Hoot Suite Gallery in Owl's traditional Winchester home in Ruthsburg. It features photographs by Inara – whose blog post about the relaunch of the Limoncello Gallery helped us enormously last year. The exhibition is called One if by land, Two if by water.

Inara says: 

I have been active in Second Life continuously since the end of 2006. My interests are widespread, covering many SL activities, although I am perhaps best known as a blogger, having been writing about Second Life for more than 10 years. My blog covers almost all aspects of Second Life. A key part of my blog comprises art and region reviews, for which I produce images for illustration. As such, I'm not a qualified photographer or artist in any meaningful use of the terms; I'm therefore genuinely flattered when people feel my art is suitable for exhibitions or purchase.

She's overly modest, in our opinion. We have bought and exhibited her work and there was no flattery in our decision. The only qualification that ultimately matters in the fine arts (delightful and useful though their study may be) is talent. Head over to the region honouring the original SL female avatar (whose name became a verb; back when to revert to basic form was to be "Ruthed") and enjoy the show.

May 8th is World Collage Day – an annual, international celebration of collage initiated by Kolaj Magazine in 2018. Artists and art venues are invited to hold events on that day to celebrate collage. Aruba DeCuir has decided to join in with the celebration in SL.

In order to celebrate the real world 'World Collage Day' I have made an exhibition of 12 new and some older collages here in SL. The exhibition will open Friday the 7th of May at 11.30 (SL time). There will be an initial two hours opening event. On Saturday – World Collage Day – the opening the opening will continue. I will be at the Collage Gallery as much as possible in European morning and daytime and you are free to come and meet me. All are welcome and I hope to see as many of you as possible! The show will be open until early June.

We love Aruba's work, which features in our collections. Why not head over and take a look?

image from www.flickr.comOur friend Traci Ultsch has a show at the Imago Gallery at present called Overdose. Fenella mixed up her CET with her GMT and managed to show up to the opening party just as it was ending, but loved the show. Traci's work is striking, challenging and always makes you think. We bought a piece called I Am God, I Put Those Lights In The Sky and it's exhibited on the 11th Floor of the LG Tower

We also bought strokes of fate, by Sina Souza from her back-to-SL exhibition Retrospective at the Nitroglobus Gallery which we featured last week in a special ELSWHERE ON THE ARTY GRID supplement. Again, it's on the 11th Floor of the LG Tower.

Rising star of the SL art world (and our good friend) Anja (Neobookie) introduced Fenella to the work of Janus Fall. Anja currently has an exhibition in the garden of Janus's Red Dot Gallery. So, right now, a visit there will get you both Anja's super artwork and Janus's amazing photographic portraiture. We bought two pieces of the latter for our collection and both now hang on the 11th Floor of the LG Tower. The first is There Sleeps Titania from a series called Heart and Light featuring;

...images of the female face presented in atmospheric light to create a mood, feeling or emotion. Occasionally inspired by art or literature as the titles of the pieces suggest, the viewer is invited to create their own stories

The second is a wonderful portrait of a strikingly-beautiful SL lady called Tamara and prosaically entitled Tamara Pic Red Hair

image from www.flickr.comFinally, also on the 11th Floor is our first artwork using augmented reality. La belle et la bete, by tutsy Navarathna was bought from the artist's exhibition currently in progress at La Maison d'Aneli galleryIt comes with a QR code which, once you have dowloaded the app EyeJack for your phone or tablet, you can scan. Then, when you hold your phone up to the screen to look at the artwork through its camera, amazing things happen. Be sure to have the volume turned up on your phone!

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 16a – Sina Souza returns to SL!


Poster Retrospective - SIna Souza - May 2021 Nitroglobus
When Dido Haas of Nitroglobus told us the news that Sina Souza was back in SL and making new works, we were very excited. This is an Elsewhere piece that can't wait for next week's edition.

Sina is an artist who was in everyone's SL collections back in the day. We have several of her pieces at the Limoncello Gallery; Remember Me and Masquerade are on the Upper Deck of the Airship Limoncello and Desire for Humanity features in the Balogh Collection at the LG Tower. Dido's as excited as we are. She says;

When Sina contacted me a few months ago and told me her inspiration was back and she'd started creating again, I was really thrilled. I love Sina and her art and I think I don't only speak for myself when I say I missed Sina's creations over the past years. 

She doesn't only speak for herself. We've missed Sina too! Dido has cleared her own part of Nitroglobus Gallery to make room for Sina's new images and a sculpture she has made. The exhibition is called Retrospective and opens this Friday, 30th April. Despite the title, Sina says; 

Retrospective is not an exhibition where I want to show you my previous work. It is an exhibition about struggles in my past, wrong decisions that I have made
or experiences that I have gained. It is a path between depression, strokes of fate and the problem of trusting others. But it's not just a look back at what's behind me, it is also a kind of self reflection, a step forward, a way to learn from mistakes and to grow from experiences. Sometimes we need to look back to look ahead.

We are happy to be able to break this exciting news here at the Limoncello News. The exhibition will run for the whole of May and June. Don't miss it! The opening party is this Friday, 30th April at 12pm SLT (9pm CET).

Edition 16

We were delighted to discover Cranston Yordstom's new blog, where he writes about his experiences collecting visa stamps for his Bellisserian Passport. Especially so as his very first stop was our recent ART UNBOUND popup gallery co-produced with Infinity Productions – Mirages on the Mother Road.

The blog is called Passport to Bellisseria – Cranston Travels the Grid and his write-up of MOMR is here. Please take a look and leave the nice man an encouraging comment! If you'd like to read more about him, there's a BBB Gazette post that includes an interview here

Carmel Art Community
click to enlarge

Speaking of the Bellisseria Passport, the BBB terminal is now in place at our new office in Carmel Art Community. Don't forget to collect the stamp when you visit. 

We would love to hear what you think about the new system for handing out information cards about the exhibits at our Main Gallery in Bellisseria and aboard the Airship Limoncello in Nanga. Before we embark on the big job of installing the system in the LG Tower, it would be great to have some reassurance from our patrons and exhibited artists that it works well for you. It certainly saves us prims we can use to buy more art, but we don't want that to be at the expense of your enjoyment of the collections.

Please leave a comment or IM Fenella Allen in world. Thanks in advance for your feedback. 


BambooBarnes at DixMix
BambooBarnes at DixMix

One of our favourite artists in SL is BambooBarnes. We have several of her works in the Limoncello Gallery collection. You can find her So Long on the top deck of the Airship Limoncello, for example. Her Fairy Glitch features in the Dragonash collection on the 1st Floor of the LG Tower and her Life is on the 5th Floor.

See New Acquisitions below for news of the latest addition from her oeuvre!

Bamboo has an excellent show in progress at the DixMix Gallery called Marginal Mannerisms. Have a look at Violet Boa's interview with the artist at her excellent Virtuality blog, from which I will just quote Bamboo as saying;

The artworks in this exhibit are about my emotions which aren’t clear to see. I hope that you will see something in them for you. Life goes on.

So it does – with Bamboo, enigmatic as ever, letting her art speak for itself. 

Exal Grut at Kondor
Exal Grut at Kondor

Fenella was lucky enough to be at the opening party for Exal Grut's new exhibition at the Kondor Art Center and had a wonderful time.

The show is unusual because Exal, inspired by comic book art of the 70's and 80's, has used Second Life® to stage and photograph a story of his new superhero - Hatari. It's a fun idea, well-executed and an inspired use of SL. Our grid is – when you think about it – perfect for staging comic book stories! Indeed many of our avatars bear about as much relation to reality as Thor's muscles or Batman's endurance.

Go take a look. We think you'll enjoy it. It certainly made a refreshing change. Some SL art exhibitions tend to a pomposity ill-excused (if pomposity can every be excused) by the quality of the art on show. Not this one!


Fenella hangs a new acquisition
Fenella hangs a new acquisition

We bought Brand New Closet by BambooBarnes from her current show at the DixMix Gallery, reviewed above. It now hangs on the Middle Deck of the Airship Limoncello.

We bought Meeting the Team by Exal Grut from his comic book art show reviewed above. It's an enormous piece, with no mod rights and no resize script. We've opened the 11th Floor of the LG Tower, which has the ceiling height to accommodate it, and where, it hangs – for now – in splendid isolation. 

Finally this week, we bought Love Me Not, by Gitu Aura from her current show at the Artcare Gallery. It now hangs on the 6th Floor of the LG Tower.

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

The Limoncello News and BBB Gazette go their separate ways

BBB Logo Stamp SolidAs a Bellisserian institution ourselves, we at the Limoncello Art Gallery have been delighted to support the activities of the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy by hosting its official publication, the BBB Gazette, during its launch phase. The BBB is now ready to strike out alone and the new BBB Gazette can be found here. If you came here looking for BBB content, please follow the link and update your bookmarks for future reference.

In recognition of our support the BBB has awarded us Publication Licence #2 (#1 is the BBB Gazette's own licence) and we proudly display it in the sidebar.


Limoncello News – Edition 15


Carmel Art Community Office
click to enlarge

To get closer to the artists who make SL special for us, we've opened another office among them. This time it's in the Carmel Art Community – a pretty little region based on the RL original in California. We have rented a unit there, which is a shop in name only – as always, nothing is for sale and there are no tip jars. 

Please stop by and say hello. If you are an SL time lord, you will find LG Carmel Art in your Tardis database – along with all our other locations. If you hold a Bellisserian Passport and collect visa stamps from destinations around Second Life, watch out for a new stamp soon for our Carmel location.

While you're there check out the various artists' galleries (including the cute little beach cabanas) and the proprietors' very own Robert McFarren Gallery and Carmel Art Gallery (currently featuring an excellent show called The Art of Science by Kisma Reidling). 

Our directory board is in place connecting you to our collections and special exhibitions. There's also a board to subscribe to our mailing list, which every week will send you a link to the latest edition of Limoncello News and occasional other information about special events. Including, of course, the ART UNBOUND series of pop up exhibitions co-produced with our friends at Infinite Productions. Carmel's owners are still quite new to Second Life but theirs is a wonderful addition to the SL art scene that we are happy to support. 


New acquisition in place
click to enlarge

One of the first fruits of our new venture at Carmel was that we found a new artist for our collections. Pisces, by Jaelle Faerye now hangs on the Lower Deck of the Airship Limoncello in Nanga. It is one of a zodiac series and, as it happens to be Dave's, Fen's and our founder's star sign was the obvious choice.

The daughter of an RL oil painter, Jaëlle grew up in an artistic environment in France. She is currently an Artist In Residence at Carmel Arts Community and has a showroom there for the year of her residency. It's right opposite our new office and was the first place we found when we set out to explore after finishing our fit out.

Lagos by Maria Montgolfier
click to enlarge

Our next new acquisition is also very special. "Lagos" by Maria Montgolfier is the only example of this artist's work in SL. Dave met her mother through a mutual friend while out sailing and she spoke of her daughter's talent and showed him the painting. He loved it, she donated it (thanks, Anna May, for the kind gift) and moments later it was hanging here – also on the Lower Deck of the Airship Limoncello. It's a wonderful portrait; we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.


image from www.flickr.com

FionaFei is one of our favourite SL artists and someone whose work we are delighted to have in our collection. It features on the mezzanine floor at the Main Gallery in Sirinial, and also here and here aboard the Airship Limoncello in Nanga.  

Fiona currently has a huge installation at the DixMix Gallery called ShuiMo – Spring. It hasn't been determined yet how long it will remain there, but it should be in place for at least a couple of months. 

As explained in the notecard to her ShuiMo piece at our gallery, 

Shui Mo, meaning "ink" in Chinese, is an art gallery and a series of installations called the "Shui Mo series" that I have created in the style of Chinese ink brush painting, depicting a common theme or landscape seen in many traditional Chinese paintings.

We love our own ShuiMo example, but the installation at the DixMix Gallery is on a monumental scale. It looks amazing and is well worth a visit. 

Don't forget that the first ART UNBOUND exhibition - Mirages on the Mother Road ends this week. Don't miss your last chance to visit. Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Limoncello News – Edition 14


Focus Magazine has an interview in this month's issue with our proprietor Lord Junibalya (Dave to his friends – including all readers of Limoncello News). If you are a subscriber to our mailing list you will have received a copy in-world. If not, you will be able to read the interview here, when the April edition is published online. IM Dave or Fenella if you haven't received an in-world copy and would like one. There are some splendid photographs of the gallery, even if you're not much interested in Dave's pontifications!

The gallery also features on this month's Focus Art on Tour HUD, which we have again distributed to our mailing list.


AS Limoncello II in developmentOur gallery was founded in 2007 on the beautiful but primmy old Airship Limoncello high above the mainland region of Nanga on the Satori Continent. She's still aloft in the same region, but now serves (along with our 15-storey tower on the ground) as part of the mainland annexe to our new home gallery in Sirinial on Bellisseria.

Work continues on our project to restore and upgrade our historic home. Leon Nobilis, our builder, placed a prototype in-world. Fenella took this photograph of it while it was briefly moored beneath the Limoncello. As you can see, it is beginning to take shape! Given the size (124 metres long) Leon is struggling to keep the Land Impact (LI) down. We are confident he will work it out.

We'll keep you informed as to progress as the project moves forward. For now, we can tell you the new lightweight stair-cases are a big improvement. The old curly ramps were always very hostile to noobs! To be honest, even after 5000 days in SL (most of them involving visits to the airship) Dave and Fenella often fell off them!


Another mermaid you say? Yes! On the 8th Floor of the LG Tower in Nanga you will find Sirene by Nina Helix, sold commercially under her Foxwood brand. Fenella (or Finella when in mermaid-mode) insists it's much more than decor. Do you agree? On the Middle Deck of the Airship Limoncello, you'll find "white noise 01", by Rose Hanry from her current exhibition at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery and two new works by Michiel Bechir from his exhibition currently in progress at UASL Michiel's works are called Goethe Bridge and Still Life II. You will also find there three unique paintings by Katherine Heartsong called “Art 007, 033 and 005”.


The most impressive work we saw this week – and some of the most impressive we've seen for quite some time – was at the Cape Able Art Gallery. The exhibition is of the work of Tucker Stilley – a distinguished artist who contracted Motor Neurone Disease and is now paralysed. Using software driven by his eyes, he has continued his work as an artist;

Aided by a revolving krewe of artstars, technicians and family members Tucker lives ‘in’ the Net – drawing inspiration, raw source materials for his work and reaching out to a broad and deep community of friends and research and development partners following his work – work that brings together a wide cross-section of maximalist post-post modernism, ranging from whimsical media collage to hard generative abstract with stops along the way for conceptual process-art – and the simply beautiful mistakes.

Fenella visited and talked with his sister, who explained his situation and his methodology. We've rarely encountered anything more inspiring. Tucker has visited Second Life but finds the interface difficult to control with his eye-driven system so has only really explored it by auto-following his sister's avatar. 

The art is wonderful and the show is well worth a visit. Please take a look. All the details and the SLURL are here on the Art Korner site

Special stamps
click to enlarge

Don't forget that tomorrow is the second anniversary of our gallery's home continent, Bellisseria. Don't miss out on the party at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds and don't forget to collect the special stamp for your Bellisseria passport. While you have your passport HUD on, why not pick up the other limited edition stamp currently available from Mirages on the Mother Road. Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Limoncello News – Edition 12a

Yes we are superstitious. Our favourite poet, Dylan Thomas, dedicated his Collected Works "To God. Just in case" and we take the same approach. 

If you weren't at the opening party for Mirages on the Mother Road (the first ART UNBOUND pop up gallery, we hope, of many) you missed a great night. Fenella & Dave were there, despite it being from 2am to 6am at their time in RL, and it was well worth the lost sleep. Lady Zenaida's singing was whimsical and delightful and as you'll see from her website, she is one of the few people in SL who are prettier than their avatar! DJ Yoyo Burckhardt gave us an entertainingly eclectic set that kept everyone dancing. Manx Wharton span a hilarious tale of lost love and abandonment to music while strewing the desert with dead deer (don't ask). Maximillion Kleene was brilliant, which those who have seen him perform before say is normal.

Thanks to all the musicians and congratulations to Cate Infinity of Infinite Productions – our ART UNBOUND partner – who organised the event. She put together an amazing roster of talent in a wonderful setting. I doubted an opening party could stay lively for four hours but was wrong! If you want to see far artier pictures than ours below, check out I am Free... (libbberamente)'s blog here. Thanks to her for those. If you took photos of your own at the party (or at the gallery) please share them on the ART UNBOUND Flickr Group,  the Limoncello Friends Flickr Group and/or post them on the Editor's Facebook page.


Our thanks once again to I am Free... (libbberamente); this time for showing Dave a script she uses to save prims. If our artworks have MOD rights, we place information notecards in them with a script to hand them out. Many are not moddable – so we place "click for info" signs nearby. These take up prims that could be used for our only SL goal; MORE ART!! I am Free's script creates a menu of notecards for such signs to hand out. We hated its floating text, but found another that works just as well. If our visitors like them, we will gradually replace clusters of old signs with new ones that give info on several nearby artworks.

The best use of this idea so far is in our home gallery in Bellisseria. We are so limited for prims there that we have never had "click for info" signs. Visitors could only get information about the artworks from the catalogue distributed by our welcome board. Now, for the first time, every artwork there is either clickable OR has a notecard available from "click for info" kiosks. If your click on an artwork yields no information, just check out its object details and get information, by artist name, from the kiosk instead.

On the subject of our notecards, though artists open their souls through their work, they are sometimes surprisingly reticent about themselves. We give out what information we have but, particularly in the case of older artworks, whose creators are no longer around in SL, that's sometimes very little. If your art is in our collection and the accompanying notecard is low on information, please tell us more. If you don't want to talk about you, tell us instead about the artwork itself or your artistic process in general.

Artist or not, if you know something about a piece in our collection, please send us a note – with links to sources if you have them.

You will have noticed our rebranding this week as The Limoncello News and BBB Gazette. This reflects that we'll be publishing more Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy content here. If you're not interested in that, don't worry. The links we deliver to the gallery's mailing list and other art groups will take you to the latest gallery news. Links to BBB items will go out separately to its user group, BBBUG, and other Bellisseria info channels. Feel free to browse through both though, if you are interested.


Dave inspects his handiwork
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Having seen her RL photography at the RL Photo Festival 2021 at the Helvellyn Gallery, Dave visited Duna Grant's Poetic Lines Art Gallery and bought three of her artworks. He is pictured here with two of them on the Middle Deck of the Airship Limoncello.

The three works are Red Dusk (not pictured), Stop and Flowers V. You can learn more about her in our notecards or at her Facebook or Flickr pages.

On the same Middle Deck of the Airship Limoncello, you can also find N. 123, by Ernst Maven – another new artist to our collections.


Fenella with two of comet's works

Comet Morigi is "a Japanese Artist in residence inworld." She is an old friend of our founder Tom (LastDitch Writer). They met when she (artistically designed and beautiful by pre-mesh standards) complimented him on the creativity of his "ugly old man avi". Tom had rather missed the point of SL and tried to make his avatar look as much like his RL self as possible! Despite this inauspicious start, they became friends. comet had one of the free-of-charge starter galleries aboard the Airship Limoncello in our early days. Tom also loaned her a newly-bought – as yet undeveloped – rentals region to build a temporary art project. The two works in the above picture with Fenella – sumikin to LastDitch Writer and Painting Cube "Dali & Klee" 2007 for LastDitch – were gifts to thank him for that. Hence their names.

comet's approach was to make nothing here that could be made in RL. Her little gallery at one point featured a photograph of a region she had landscaped. That photograph (still in her picks as SIM-Surround Mountains シムを囲む山) could exist in RL. Yes, but if you touched it, you were teleported into the scene it depicted! 

The two works in the picture float in the air at the Main Gallery and are phantom. You might rig cloths on a frame to achieve a similar look in RL, but you could neither defy gravity in hanging it, nor pass through it like a ghost. These artworks are not just in, but very much of, SL! Inspired by comet's ethos, at one point Tom considered restricting his collection to SL-only artwork. In the end his catholic taste (critics would call it "lack of discrimination") led instead to the eclectic assortment you see today. Nonetheless, comet's ideas are always in the minds of the current curators, though we have not seen her online for a while and her most recent Flickr images are from 2014. If we see (as we rarely do) a work that meets her criteria, we are more inclined to acquire it.

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!