Second Life

Edition 49: The first acquisitions of 2023

My friend Fau Ferdinand sent me a link to this blog post about a new exhibition called "Future Elite" by Seraphim Placebo at her Placebo Gallery. I have always loved Sci-Fi (as witness the Space Station above the LG Tower, accessible by rocket shuttle from the roof) and these are images from an imagined feudal, clannish and apparently matriarchal world of the future.

The striking images really appealed to me and I bought two of them "Future Elite" and "Future Elite 8" for my collection. They're to be found on Level 18 of the LG Tower at our new location. 

Future Elite and Future Elite 8_001
I hope you like them as much as I do. Please come check them out. Of course, while the exhibition at the Placebo Gallery lasts, you can see more of them there.

Edition 48: A whole new Nanga

There are big changes to our art gallery. Our "home gallery" (a small part of our collection but with inter-regional teleports to our other locations) will remain at Sirinial in Bellisseria. However, we are relocating our historic home – the Airship "Limoncello" – and the LG Tower. Our proprietor, Dave (Lord Junibalya) has taken up Linden Lab's offer to Premium+ members of acquiring a homestead without first buying a full region. 

We are fans of mainland SL and sentimentally attached to our historic home, Nanga. Our founder's first SL home was there and at one point he owned the whole region and neighbouring Pumori. When Dave returned to SL in 2020 after a bereavement break, he embraced Bellisseria; the biggest innovation in his absence. Mainland still has its place though and it was not long before he returned to Nanga, relaunched the old airship and dusted off our huge art collection. It just wouldn't all fit in a skybox over his houseboat in Bellisseria, however frugal he was with his ground-level prims!

Satori was originally meant to be "the Japanese Continent." SL'ers never really took to division on national or cultural lines so all that remains of the idea are the Japanese region names. We decided our new island region should be called Nyunanga (New Nanga). We will be keeping 1,024 square metres of Nanga for sentimental reasons, but all the public art will be found in Sirinial and Nyunanga.

The SLURLs in the sidebar to Limoncello News have been updated to the new locations.

There are 20 storeys of art space in the rebuilt LG Tower and – one of our favourite things about the move - the old airship is now moored to a pylon on the tower roof! As we don't have to hide from Nanga's cluttered skies behind a scenery dome any more, we thought we'd bring these two parts of our collection back together! There is nothing but art on the island at ground level. The rolling scenery is now our sculpture park.

The new galleries are already open and you are most welcome to visit. We are very excited by the move and we hope you will enjoy Nyunanga as much as we do. The LG Tower is here and the Airship Limoncello is now here.

Stay arty, Limoncello Friends, and we hope to see you soon.


Edition 47: Reorganisation | Dave interview | New acquisitions


Our gallery has evolved naturally over the years since we hung our first artwork in 2007. It's a private collection, not a series of exhibitions, so we don't constantly update and rearrange. Many pieces have hung in the same position for years. The whole process was unplanned and organic. There is neither logic nor theme to the display of the collection, which makes for strange bedfellows sometimes!

If you like that  junk shop vibe, you may even have enjoyed it but on our visits to other galleries we noticed others present their art better. We felt embarrassed so have made an effort to improve. 

AS Limoncello revamp 2_001
The main problem was aboard the Airship Limoncello. The old girl was the original Limoncello Gallery and – enormous though she is at 120 metres long – her decks are narrow and confined. We'd fitted in far too many display boards over the years. She was hard to move about in, let alone to find a good viewpoint for some of the art. So we have "thinned out" the collection considerably; moving many pieces down to the LG Tower. We've filled almost four floors there with art from the airship, together with a few new acquisitions (see below).

We tried to keep historic items on the airship, while moving newer items down to the tower, but there's still no theme to any of the displays. It's just art we have liked and bought over the last 15 years – hung a bit more neatly. We hope you approve and enjoy.

AS Limoncello revamp 1_001
It was a lot of work, but we are pleased with the result. As you can see in the pictures, there's a lot more space to move around. There's also more "white space" around each artwork. We think that helps in appreciating the quieter works, which are no longer lost in the clutter. The art no longer on the airship can be found on the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th floors of the LG Tower. We've been able to make many of the pieces bigger (where artist permissions allowed) and think they look better for it. We'd love to hear what you think in the comments. 

In SL the physical rearrangement of the art was not the hard part. it was re-doing our comprehensive catalogue. Pick up a copy from the Welcome Boards in any of our locations and let us know if you detect any errors please.


6a00d83451f09b69e20282e158b2a2200b-320wiMany of you will know that our owner, Dave, works for the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy and the Continental Passport Control Board. Specifically he is the editor of their official publication, The Gazette. Back in the day The Gazette was actually a joint weekly periodical with the Limoncello News until it all became too much so that two publications were needed. 

Being editor allows him to control how much is said about his work for the BBB/CPCB, which suits his reticent English nature. However journalist Teresa Firelight has been interviewing all the BBB staff in turn. This week, the moment could no longer be put off when Dave had to submit himself to scrutiny. If you're interested, you can read the interview here


Some new acquisitions_001

Changes in our owner, Dave's, private life in RL have prevented him spending as much time on the Limoncello News as he would wish. He has still been buying art though. Our reorganisation of the gallery finally prompted him to rez his most recent new acquisitions out of the "to hang" folder in his inventory onto the walls of the LG Tower.

Here's a list of the new items and a SLURL to the 16th Floor of the LG Tower. To visit the other two floors use the lift/elevator or just fly up in the atrium. The Tower is perfect for a Second Life® gallery because you can fly up the atrium to see each of the floors in turn!

"Worn out" Xia Chieng Purchase, June 2022 LG Tower, Floor 16
"Bland" Xia Chieng Purchase, June 2022 LG Tower, Floor 16
"Body Studies" Xia Chieng Gift of the artist, June 2022 LG Tower, Floor 16
"Eyethings" Myrdin Sommer Gift of the artist LG Tower, Floor 17
"Lady with flower" Kraven Klees Purchase from artist @ Elven Falls 2022 LG Tower, Floor 17
"Before the dream" Kraven Klees Purchase from artist @ Elven Falls 2022 LG Tower, Floor 17
"Row houses" Kraven Klees Purchase from artist @ Elven Falls 2022 LG Tower, Floor 17
"worm transparant" (sic) Myrdin Sommer Gift of the artist LG Tower, Floor 17 (graffito)

"Images from the Coffin: Delain (Retail)"

Traci (traci.ultsch) Purchase, 2022 LG Tower, Floor 18
"Sea Mermaid" Suzen JueL (juel.resistance) Purchase 2022 LG Tower, Floor 18
"Blue Scale" Suzen JueL (juel.resistance) Purchase 2022 LG Tower, Floor 18
"GEISHA in the Soul - 10" Caly Applewhyte Purchase 2022 LG Tower, Floor 18
"Delicatessen 2" Anibrm Jung Purchase from artist @ Elven Falls June 2022 LG Tower, Floor 18


Edition 46: Art Unbound – Limbo @ LynchLand

It's time for another Art Unbound popup gallery. This one is called Limbo and is at LynchLand – a recently-opened region that's a tribute to U.S. film director David Lynch. It will take place in (would you believe it?!) a police station. There's art behind the sergeant's desk. There's art in the cells. There's art in the interrogation room. Everywhere in fact (in the spirit of Art Unbound) you would not expect art to be!

The exhibition will feature works by Eyelinea Seabird, LashVV and Sanspareil London (all on loan from the Limoncello Art Gallery) as well as pieces by Firewitchcoco (aka DJ Creme), Esta Republic, Autumnblitz Xenobuilder, AmandaT Tamatzui, Myrdin Sommer and Art Unbound's founder Cate Infinity herself. 

Myrdin Sommer, the owner of LynchLand, said;

the idea about Lynchland to me is, an homage to David Lynch, a great artist! It is wonderful to dive into his world and create scenery that feels 'Lynchian' to me.

Cate, the exhibition's curator quoted Lynch as saying;

When this kind of fire starts, it is very hard to put out. The tender boughs of innocence burn first, and the wind rises, and then all goodness is in jeopardy. Some ideas are destructive, some are constructive. Some ideas can arrive in the form of a dream. Hope I dream tonight. 

 Cate added that this quote haunts her in a good way and added;

Art Unbound Limbo is perfect for LynchLand because it embraces oddities. Art inside a prison cell with a toilet is not necessarily normal. LynchLand is special because it is not normal.

The opening party is on 28th May at 4pm SLT outside the police station. The Art Unbound opening parties are always great fun and this will be no exception. Music will be provided by DJ H, DJ Creme and DJ Nat the Cat. 

Art Unbound is a project organised by Infinite Art Gallery in association with the Limoncello Art Gallery. This will be the fourth popup in the series. The aim is to take art out of its usual temples and into grittier places. Previous popups have been in a desert shack, a beach cabin and a bombed-out building.

Watch out for your invitations in-world. One of them was attached to our subscriber's notice of this special edition. If you're not a subscriber, they'll be sent out to the principal art groups in Second Life®. We hope to see you at the party and at the exhibition. 

Art Unbound- Limbo_002

Edition 44: The Limoncello News is back!


We won't dwell on the personal issues that caused us to suspend publication. Let's just say 2021 was a very tough year for your editor in terms of his marriage and the health of his family.

The Limoncello Gallery is his main reason to be in Second Life® but he'd also taken on other commitments here. When he had to scale back his time on the grid those third party obligations had to be met, so time spent on the gallery suffered.

It's time to return to SL Art, with apologies to any friends in that world who may have felt neglected. However as the COVID era draws to an end, there will be less time to spend here. So from now on, this will not be a weekly publication but a quarterly one. The next edition will be in April.


The excellent exhibitions by Xia Chieng and I am Free ended during our publication hiatus. The installation In my Mood, by Eylinea Seabird continues indefinitely and you can see the wonderful Unseen Beauty, by Guille at the LG Tower until the end of this month.

We staged more special exhibitions than usual in 2021. We built the LG Tower as space to expand our own collection but it will take years to fill it. In the meantime, there is space to stage such exhibitions as Xia's – for which in the past we would never have had the capacity. Our gallery is essentially a private art collection that is open to the public for free. We don't exist to sell art (though we're happy if you contact "our" artists directly to buy from them) and we're not in the business of promotion. So while it has been fun to stage big exhibitions alongside the galleries that exist for that purpose – especially during the COVID times when our activities in real life have been restricted – we will now return to our usual mode of operation.

Don't expect more than four special exhibitions a year (probably fewer) and don't expect them to be on the scale you saw last year. They will usually take place in the Jishnu Room at our home gallery in Bellisseria, where the limited LI allowance will keep them modest. Each will last for a maximum of three months.

If you are interested in exhibiting (or if you have suggestions as to artists we should exhibit) please let us know but be prepared to wait for a slot to be available. 


In the months since publication of the Limoncello News was suspended, we have purchased only one piece; Future Shock 3, by Karma Weymann. The few other acquisitions have been gifts. Queen of Merth Exclusive #11, for example was a personal gift to your editor from the artist – his good friend, The Ghost.

January 2022 New Acquisitions_001
Mystery Art 6 and 18
were not personal gifts. The Ghost has an unusual gallery called The Found Art Gallery, which is in the form of a dumpster. Touch it and (not more than once a day) it will give you a piece of her art at random. Knowing The Ghost as we do, there's no doubt a witty commentary on the nature of the art market in Second Life® here; perhaps tinted with her characteristic self-deprecation. We enjoy her art, however, so couldn't resist taking a couple. You can too, so head over there and take a look. If you hold a Bellisseria Passport, you can get a visa stamp there too. 

Queen of Merth Exclusive #11 The Ghost Gift from the Artist LG Tower, Floor 13
Mystery Art 6 The Ghost Gift from the Artist LG Tower, Floor 13
Mystery Art 18 The Ghost Gift from the Artist LG Tower, Floor 13
Future Shock 3 Karma Weymann Purchase LG Tower, Floor 13

Publication suspended

Real Life® has intervened for gallery-owner and Limoncello News editor, Dave. Publication of Limoncello News is suspended until further notice. 

The gallery is still open and you are welcome to visit our three locations: 

The Directory Boards are teleports. Just click on the name of any destination to go there, including our special exhibitions in progress and the collections on loan from other collectors.

We will return with the Limoncello News each week as soon as we possibly can. 

Until then, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 43: Unseen Beauty Opening Party

UNSEEN BEAUTY OPENING PARTY Unseen Beauty - scientific photography by Guille INVITATION
Due to family health issues in RL there is no full edition of the Limoncello News this week. This is just to remind you that the opening party for Unseen Beauty – our special exhibition of photographs by Guille – will be at 3pm SLT on November 4th at the LG Tower. Music will be provided by DJ Suzen Juel. Our friend – artist AmandaT Tamatzui – has kindly agreed to  be your hostess in Dave's absence.

We hope you will join us for that.

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 42: Unseen Beauty by Guille, in association with Kimika Ying | Vroum Short | Nessuno Myoo | Kraven Klees


Unseen Beauty - scientific photography by Guille 04.54.13
Current resident artist Xia Chieng recommended that Guille contact us about his amazing scientific photography. Under his RL name Antonio Guillén, he currently has an exhibition (with the participation of Jesús Rocandio and Kimika Ying) at the Casa de las Ciencias in Logrono in Spain. He is a teacher and has received several awards in Spain for his work. These include the most important education award Giner de los Ríos and the national prize for scientific photography. In 2012 a group of his students was awarded the first prize in their category at the Google Science Fair.

El Universo en una Gota de Agua_001
click to enlarge

Dave visited the laboratory – El Universo en una Gota de Agua – that he and his friend Kimika have built at Reykjanes and was impressed. Most of the images are of microscopic organisms; living things never meant to be seen by human eyes. They themselves have no way to see each other and yet, extraordinarily and pointlessly, they are beautiful.

Dave's first reaction was that, if he had been told the photographs were of abstract artworks, he would have believed it!

This show presents beautifully-crafted scientific photographs, not for their educational or informative value (though they also have that of course) but as art. The arts and the sciences are traditionally considered separate. We often make our children choose between them on their educational paths but this exhibition proves they can – and do – overlap. As Guille says;

This has been a constant effort in my life, to show that knowledge is all one, be it Art, Science, Philosophy or Poetry.

Guille's photographs are accompanied in the exhibition by 3D models of some of the organisms made by his friend and collaborator Kimika

The opening party for this amazing exhibition will be at 3pm SLT on November 4th and an invitation is enclosed with this issue of Limoncello News. DJ Suzen Juel will provide the music in her inimitable style. 

We hope you will join us for that. The exhibition will continue until the end of January next year.


"Out" A Little Tribute To Jurij A. Gagarin's Flight by Nessuno Myoo
Installation by vroum Short

There is some wonderful work on show around the grid at present. We visited La Maison d'Aneli and particularly enjoyed the works of Vroum Short (of VeGeTaL PLaNet Gallery) and Nessuno Myoo in their current exhibitions there. Please click the images above to view them full-size. 

We also visited the BOSL Main Gallery to see the current exhibition by Kraven Klees (see New Acquisitions, below). 


Both of our two new pieces this week were bought from Kraven Klees at the current exhibition at the BOSL Main Gallery. They are called Fractalman and Fairy #2 and are now to be found on the 17th Floor of the LG Tower at our annexe in Nanga on the mainland continent of Satori. They join Lady in hat, Acoustic, Posing Nude and Painted Beauty in our collection of Kraven's works. 

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 40: Art Unbound - Reconstruct | Exploring the Metaverse | Stephen Venkman | Caly Applewhyte | Bif Mopp | CioTToLiNa Xue |


ReConstruct ART UNBOUND #3
The third ART UNBOUND pop-up gallery is coming soon, brought to you by Infinite Productions in partnership with the Limoncello Art Gallery.

The show is called Reconstruct and is in the post-war ruins of Tempelhof in the Ceiram Region of Second Life®. The opening party is at 7pm to 9pm SLT on Sunday, October 17th and will feature music from Manx Wharton and DJ Vivienne Dufaux. Dress code is formal and/or 1940's - 1950's wear. Our partner in ART UNBOUND, Cate Infinity, throws some of the best parties in SL and we hope that as many of you as possible will join us!

The show features art by Esta Republic, Cate Infinity, Lux Chiantelle, I am Free, TheGhostOfGhost, Tallulah Winterwolf, Kaela Kilara, Hermes Kondor and Traci Ultsch. Some is new work for the show and some is on loan from the Limoncello Gallery's permanent collection for the duration of the pop-up. 

Reconstruct opens on October 17th and will run until November 7th. As usual, there will be a special event stamp to collect at the pop-up gallery for holders of the Bellisseria Passport. 


1012 servizio ADRIANO ZANNI's photo - den's flyer

I am Free, the artist behind our current special exhibition called A Girl's Best Friends at the LG Tower, and Denard Henry are staging an event on October 19th, 2020 at 1pm SLT. All readers of the Limoncello News will be most welcome. Here's your taxi.


For personal reasons, we have closed our editorial office in Port Emyniad. If you are an artist looking for a great location for a gallery (and a kind, wonderful landlord in Bijoux) we recommend you enquire about the vacancy there as soon as possible! We will miss being there very much.


Fenella Allen, who has edited the Limoncello News since it was a weekly notecard newsletter in-world, has left Second Life®. Our owner, Dave, has taken over the role of editor.


The pace of acquisitions will have to slow for the rest of 2021 as our current special exhibitions take up most of our available prims. We need to keep the remaining allowance free for operational eventualities. However, we couldn't resist a final splurge. All the new acquisitions are on the 14th Floor of the LG Tower.

The first is A splatter of light, by Stephen Venkman. It was acquired from his current exhibition at the Carmel Art "community", where Stephen's home gallery is our neighbour. The second is another from the Geisha in the Soul series, by Caly Applewhyte, to add to Geisha in the Soul - 04, which hangs on the 3rd Floor of the LG Tower. This one is titled Geisha in the Soul - 10. We try to ensure our collection contains a wide representation of artists working in SL and it's rare for us to buy more than one from the same series. However, these are wonderful artworks and we simply failed to resist. It is a personal collection, after all, so all the parameters we set ourselves can be waived at will!

Third is Approaching Airship, by Bif Mopp – an aviation artist in RL whose work is currently exhibited at Elven Falls. Dave had the pleasure of giving Bif a tour of the Airship Limoncello recently. Apart from explaining its history as the original home of our gallery, Dave also told him of a trip he is planning in RL to take a pleasure cruise on a Zeppelin. We think he now understands why our friend AmandaT Tamatzui thought this artwork of his was a good gift for Dave and we thank her for it!

Our final acquisition this week (and perhaps for a while) is IL FUMO UCCIDE, by CioTToLiNa Xue. We are big fans of CioTToLiNa's sculptures and wish we had the available prims to exhibit more of them. You can see more of them at her gallery.

Until next week, Limoncello Friends, stay arty!

Edition 39: visions of an aspie | A girl's best friends | In my mood | Mistero Hifeng | Paula Cloudpainter | AmandaT Tamatzui


The Limoncello is home to a personal collection of art, dating back to our founder's early days in SL. The first item was bought in 2007. The most recent was bought today. We've always held special exhibitions occasionally. Our pace is leisurely; they run for three months or more, rather than the usual month elsewhere. 

The most recent such exhibition is: Visions of an Aspie by Xia Chieng. We thank those of you who attended the opening last Monday. We hope you enjoyed the party as much as we did!

visions of an aspie
Guests dancing at the opening party for "visions of an aspie", an exhibition of paintings by Xia Chieng

Xia's exhibition continues until December 31st. Don't miss it. It's amazing and features several new works shown for the first time in Second Life®.

Also in progress until December 31st is A girl's best friends, by I am Free. Each panel on display is a slideshow of images, so be sure to see them all. 

At the Jishnu Room for special exhibitions at our home gallery in Bellisseria, the Amona Savira retrospective has come to an end. We thank our good friend Jo (JMB Balogh) for lending us her collection of Amona's work. We are in discussions with two artists about a new exhibition in that space.

The longest-running special exhibition in our history is In my Mood by Eylinea Seabird. It will continue indefinitely until Eylinea comes up with a new installation to replace it. We are in no rush. We still love it and visit it regularly.

You can find the SLURLs to take you to all current special exhibitions in the sidebar. 


New acquisitions
Dave with some of this week's new acquisitions

This week there are four new artworks to be seen on the 14th Floor of the LG Tower. They are Woman in worship, by AmandaT Tamatzui (the SL avi of RL painter Amanda Tomasoa),  cloud sea stone, by paula cloudpainter, Blue reflets in the night, by Ourane NuevaVida (ourane), and Nemica Mia, by Mistero Hifeng.

The first was bought from Amanda's current exhibition at Elven Falls (go straight down the street of galleries from the arrival point and it's on the right). The second was bought from Paula's current exhibition at the Janus Gallery. The third was bought from Mistero directly at his gallery.

Amanda is a close friend of Dave and Fenella and her joyous, uplifting work already features in our collections. Mistero Hifeng is one of the most famous artists in Second Life® and needs no introduction here. Paula's watercolours however were new to us. We saw them at her exhibition's opening party and liked them well enough but needed to return and look again quietly to appreciate them. We are glad we gave them a second look – and yes, there's a moral to that story! We bought Ourane's painting at her debut exhibition, now running at the excellent Tango with Nottoo dance club, where Fenella danced the tango at her vernissage

Until next week, dear Limoncello friends, stay arty!